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To survive childhood with an abusive alcoholic father and a brother who was clearly favored and often pitted against him, Arnold Schwarzenegger escaped into action movies and plotted his move to America. He beefed up through bodybuilding, won an unprecedented five Mr. Universe and six Mr. Olympia titles, immigrated in 1968 and propelled himself and the sport into the mainstream with the 1977 documentary “Pumping Iron.” The Austrian Oak’s ascension to the top of the box office in the ‘80s and ‘90s was just as impressive with blockbusters like the “Conan” and “Terminator” franchises, “Twins,” “Predator.” “The Running Man,” “True Lies." Off-screen, his American dream continued as he married into the Kennedy clan when he took Maria Shriver hand in 1986, had four children (Katherine, Christina, Patrick and Christopher) with her and became the governor of California in 2003. The Republican governator won his reelection bid in 2006 although the second term ran far less smoothly. A few months after leaving office in 2011, he and Shriver separated after he admitted to fathering son Joseph with their maid. He confirmed in his 2012 memoir “Total Recall” that he’d also cheated with his “Red Sonja” costar Brigitte Nielsen while living with Shriver in the ‘80s. “The Expendables,” a film filled with other old leading men who can still kick your butt, provided him a clever and successful reentry into showbusiness. He is set to reprise Conan in 2014 and do a fifth "Terminator."