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Gerard Butler is the definition of most eligible bachelor. He's got leading man looks, a Scottish accent and a body that can be chiseled and manscaped to perfection when called upon as he did to fill out his 300 toga. He sings (Phantom of The Opera) and was smart enough to practice law before pursuing acting. He even admitted to weeping after reading the Phantom script, is a real-deal hero (He jumped in and retrieved a boy that fell in a river.) and has been continuously employed since the '90s. He started on the London stage (the Trainspotting adaptation) and then moved on to small roles in films like Mrs. Brown and Tomorrow Never Dies before he turned heads playing the sexiest of all supernaturals, Dracula in Wes Craven Presents: Dracula 2000. Even though that film was a flop, it helped him transition to lead roles in action flicks like the Tomb Raider sequel and the aforementioned 300 as well as sappy rom-coms like The Ugly Truth and P.S. I Love You. Butler has been linked romantically over the years to Cameron Diaz, Reese Witherspoon, Cheryl Burke and Jennifer Aniston although he usually denies anything more than friendship with these famous females. And perhaps his sexiest quality, he knows when to ask for help. In early 2012, he checked himself into the Betty Ford Center after fearing he'd become dependent on medication prescribed to him after he suffered a surfing injury. (He started catching waves for his role in Chasing Mavericks.)