Sandra Bullock Pregnant With Miracle Baby At 54?

Is Sandra Bullock pregnant with a "miracle baby"? One of this week's tabloids claim the 54-year-old actress is expecting a child with boyfriend Bryan Randall. Gossip Cop can debunk the story.


According to OK!, the actress was sporting a baby bump while promoting her Netflix movie Bird Box in Brazil last month. "Friends are buzzing that Sandra's pregnant," a supposed source tells the magazine, adding that after "two years of trying, and six months of IVF treatments," Bullock and her boyfriend are finally expecting.

The alleged insider adds, "Sandra refused to give up on her hopes of having a child with Bryan. After the last round of IVF proved to be a success, they were walking on air. They're just so thrilled to be having a child together at this stage in their lives. Given Sandra's age, this baby is truly a miracle."

The questionable tipster further contends that Bullock has "only told a few of her closest friends and her family about the baby." This begs the question, which member of her trusted inner circle leaked the news to the tabloid? The "insider" goes on say that the actress also broke the news to her two young kids, Louis and Laila, who "hugged her and clapped" when they found out they were getting a younger sibling. The seemingly nonexistent source concludes, "Having a baby with Bryan is the fairy-tale ending she's been waiting for."

The magazine hides behind an unnamed and untraceable "source" to sell its story, but Bullock's own spokesperson is going on the record to dismiss it. Despite what the outlet's unidentified tipster claims, a rep qualified to speak on the actress's behalf confirms she's not pregnant.

It's worth noting, Bullock herself has mocked the frequent pregnancy rumors that have surrounded her. She previously noted, "In one tabloid I was two months pregnant, and in another I was four months pregnant." This time around, the actress is supposedly pregnant with a "miracle baby." The narrative simply isn't true.

It should be mentioned, OK! has trouble keeping track of its phony storylines. Less than two weeks ago, Gossip Cop busted the magazine for falsely claiming Bullock was considering dumping Randall for Keanu Reeves. This latest article makes no mention of that absurd scenario. Last year, the outlet wrongly reported Bullock was adopting a third child. That clearly never happened. In reality, the tabloid has zero insight into the actress's personal life, so it publishes fiction about her instead.

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