Wonderwall.com got an exclusive inside look at the Bootsy Bellows Estate during the second weekend of Coachella -- where McDonald's celebrated their $1 soft drinks, mango-pineapple McCafé smoothies and new Signature Crafted sandwiches with Michael B. Jordan, Jamie Chung and more stars -- in Rancho Mirage, California, on April 22.

The "Gotham" actress and the "Creed" star dished on their current music obsessions, addictions to McDonald's grub, craziest Coachella memories -- "I plan on making some this time around," teased Michael -- and more during the star-studded bash. Keep reading for the highlights or check out their full interviews in the video below.


On which artists are at the tops of their playlists currently:

"GoldLink's 'Crew' -- I've been rocking that song on repeat. And I've been rocking Drake's 'Portland' with Quavo and [Travis Scott]. Yeah, I've been rocking that one a lot." --Michael

"It would be Kendrick [Lamar] because we're listening to the Coachella playlist." --Jamie

On the McDonald's menu items they can't resist:

"The $1 double cheeseburger and fries with sweet-and-sour barbeque sauce. I try to get two double cheeseburgers, and then I mix it up with six-piece nuggets and then I get a large fry. That's kind of like my McDonald's survival kit combo." --Michael

"I can never resist the simple cheeseburger or chicken nuggets -- and the fries!" --Jamie


On her craziest Coachella memory:

"The acts are always incredible. Florence + The machine two years ago [when front-woman Florence Welch broke her foot] was the most magical show that I've ever seen. Also the one year when they were switching over tickets form paper to digital, it was like absolute madness and the lines were backed up and people were almost about to riot to get in." --Jamie