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Back to school!

Despite being kicked out last year, Amanda Bynes has returned to FIDM!

TMZ reports that the actress has returned to the Los Angeles Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising.

Accompanied by a personal security guard at all times, Amanda reportedly started classes on Oct. 8. TMZ's source claims she will be taking sketch classes so that she can learn to sketch out her ideas and then be able to turn them into real garments.

The actress was asked to leave the fashion school in fall 2014 for odd behavior, with other students accusing her of attending classes with sunglasses on while high on weed, paying others to finish her homework, and blatantly cheating off of classmates during tests.

It seems as if the once troubled star has really made improvements over the last year. She is currently living in Los Angeles on her own, and is receiving the mental health therapy she needs to keep herself on the straight and narrow.

We're rooting for you, Amanda!