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Burt Reynolds is coming clean about his health struggles and tumultuous love life in his upcoming memoir "But Enough About Me."

RadarOnline reports that in the tell-all, the 79-year-old actor details the series of events that led to his addiction to sleeping pills and the incident that almost cost him his life.

The trouble started in the '80s when he suddenly lost 40 pounds due to a mystery illness, prompting rumors that he was dying of AIDS.

According to Burt, Hollywood turned its back on him: "It wasn't just the usual a-------," he writes. "It was people I thought were my good friends. … So many friends had deserted me, I joked that I was saving lots of money on Christmas cards."

Per Radar, even his makeup artist and dentist refused to work with him over the false reports.

"I told everyone it was a broken jaw but nobody believed me," he adds.

Burt, who says he was a "bag of bones" during this time, was eventually diagnosed with temporomandibular disorder, more commonly known as TMD or TMJ. (TMJ affects the joint that connects the jaw and the skull, which can make eating food unbearably painful.)

He then became addicted to the Halcion drugs he'd been prescribed to help him sleep while dealing with the pain of TMJ. Although his doctor advised him to seek professional treatment to deal with the addiction, Burt went cold turkey instead.

"I fell into a coma and at one point the doctors thought I might die," Radar quotes Burt, "but after about 8 or 9 hours I regained consciousness. I never took another Halcion."

Sadly, that wasn't the end of his battle with addiction. After he underwent back surgery years later, he landed in rehab for prescription pill dependency.

The "Deliverance" actor also dishes on his A-list romantic conquests in his memoir: "The truth is, I never did like her," he writes of ex-wife Loni Anderson, whom he accuses of maxing out his $45,000 American Express credit card limit in 30 minutes, discarding a $10,000 dresses she'd only worn once and more.

He also opens up about his crush on Bette Davis, his debilitating breakup from Dinah Shore -- "I could barely function for weeks," he writes -- and his relationship with frequent co-star Sally Field.

"I'm sorry I never told her that I loved her, and I'm sorry we couldn't make it work," he writes of Sally. "It's the biggest regret of my life."

"But Enough About Me" is available starting Nov. 17.