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Will the real Rebel Wilson please stand up!

After much controversy, it turns out that the famous funny lady has been lying about her age, her name and her upbringing.

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The discovery was made after an Australian tabloid published a report last week alleging that the "Pitch Perfect 2" actress was actually 35, rather than 29, as she had been claiming.

The Sydney Morning Herald did some digging of their own and discovered that Rebel has indeed been fibbing. The newspaper said business records filed with the Australian Securities and Investment Commission show that Rebel was born on March 2, 1980, making her 35 years old.

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Her name, it also turns out, isn't Rebel Wilson either. The Australian Electoral Roll lists her real name as Melanie Elizabeth Bownds, though she later changed her last name to Wilson. Just last year, though, "Rebel" told an Australian magazine that her real name was Rebel and that as a teen she used her middle names — Melanie and Elizabeth — to avoid being teased at school.

The actress has previously said that she was raised by dog breeders in the "the ghetto." This, it seems, is only partially true. Her parents where actually dog breeders and had some Best In Show winners. But, the area of her upbringing was far from dangerous.

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Records show that she attended the upper-echelon Tara Anglican School and lived in the comfortable Castle Hill area from 2000 to 2003. Her parents are listed as living at this address from 1995 to 2005.

Like we said, will the real Rebel-Melanie-Elizabeth-Wilson please stand up.