Blue Ivy Carter's not the only A-list tot to lay down some tracks!

Now 14 months, Bingham Bellamy, Kate Hudson's son with fiance Matt Bellamy, can be heard on "Follow Me," a song on 2nd Law, the new album by Bellamy's band, Muse. In this case, it's Bing's heartbeat -- recorded while he was still in the womb -- that is featured on the song.

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"It was totally spontaneous, two days before the baby's arrival, and Kate was in hospital, with this... strap thing, which I had no idea about, and suddenly we could hear everything," British rocker Bellamy, 34, explains to NME (via Huffington Post) of Bing's July 2011 birth. "It was incredibly emotional."

Thus moved by the sound, Bellamy "recorded it on my mobile phone. And weeks later, I was in the studio, and it came back to me, this incredibly rarefied recording."

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This makes Bingham even more precocious than Beyonce and Jay-Z's daughter Blue Ivy, whose cries (at 5 days old) were featured on Jay-Z's song "Glory."

And in the case of Bellamy's "Follow Me," the song's lyrics certainly suggest an emotional, protective papa -- and husband-to-be for Hudson, 33. "When you're scared/And you're lost/Be brave/I'm coming to hold you now/When all your strength has gone/And you feel wrong . . . /Follow me," the lyrics read, "I will always keep you safe . . . I will always protect you, my love."

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Calling himself "laid-back," Bellamy (who proposed to Hudson in spring 2011) tells NME fatherhood has mellowed him out even more. "I can be pretty accepting of the world, particularly with a new baby. It does reaffirm your priorities, to have something so positive right in front of you."

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