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When Russell Brand weds Katy Perry later this month, the British comic claims they'll keep their freak flags in check.

"We just love each other, and we want to get married in front of our friends and family and keep it very normal," Brand, 35, told reporters Tuesday at a New York Times "TimesTalks" Q&A in New York. "It ain't about selling the pictures; it ain't about doing no prenup. It's just a normal thing."

Still, insiders close to Brand and Perry, 26, tell Us Weekly that the couple are planning a super-luxe, six-day bash in India (where Brand proposed during a trip over New Year's last winter), which is to culminate in a traditional Indian ceremony in Rajasthan on Oct. 23. Guests (including Rihanna) will be flown out via private jet and will sleep in "pimped-out" tents, the insider said.

Brand was mum on any details Tuesday. "I'm trying to preserve it, to keep it a beautiful thing," he explained. "I think people get the wrong idea on how we want the wedding to play out. Love between two people is one of the most spectacular yet ordinary thing in the world."

Brand and the "Teenage Dream" singer began dating last fall. "The love that I feel for her is exactly the same as the love that you might feel for somebody," he gushed.


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