Legendary singer Andrea Bocelli was airlifted to a hospital after falling off of a horse in Italy.


Italian media reported on Sept. 14 that the singer was riding his horse when the 58-year-old simply fell. The exact details of the accident aren't known, but he took to social media to assure his fans that he was fine.

"Dear ones, I want to calm you and tell you that I'm fine: it was just a trivial fall. I hug you. - Andrew," he tweeted in Italian.

TMZ reported that the fall occurred near Pisa. A rep told the website that Andrea hit his head during the fall, but was already back home and feeling well.

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In 2013, the legendary tenor said told the Daily Mail that horse riding is how he relaxes. "I own a beautiful stallion," he said.

On Sept. 8, Andrea, who is blind, played the Colosseum in Rome for a special musical event as part of this year's "Celebrity Fight Night in Italy." Others who played included Elton John, Steven Tyler and David Foster.