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Bar Refaeli is used to being in front of the camera lens, but she may be posing for something else: a mugshot.

The inexplicably beautiful supermodel is being investigated by Israeli officials for allegedly cheating on her taxes, multiple Israeli media outlets are reporting.

Officials said Bar failed to report tens of millions of dollars she earned while working aboard, and she also allegedly failed to report non-cash payments, including multiple times when she was given cars for modeling gigs.

Reports said Bar is also accused of not paying taxes on her luxury apartment in Tel Aviv.

It's alleged that the supermodel tried to hide the fact that she was a resident of Israel by living in apartments in Tel Aviv registered in her mother and brother's names.

To top it off, Bar's mother, Tzipi, is also suspected of tax evasion, and authorities want both women arrested.

Israeli media reports claim that Bar spent several hours being questioned at the Tel Aviv offices of the Israel Tax Authority on Wednesday. She was released on $193,000, according to the BBC.

Should she want to leave Isreal, where she is primarily based, she must seek the permission of the authorities and pay a $64,000 bond.

Bar has denied the allegations.