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"Back" at it! Ben Affleck has played some colorful characters during his celebrated acting career, but now it looks like Ben, himself, is the one getting colorful.

While filming scenes for "Live By Night," Ben donned a white hospital gown that opened in the back, revealing an enormous back tattoo of a phoenix -- and we do mean enormous!

The colorful ink takes up nearly all of the actor's back, with the phoenix's wings spanning from shoulder blade to shoulder blade, while the rest of the tattoo runs down to his lower back.

Perhaps there is something more personal about the tattoo that plays into Ben's life. A phoenix, is a mythological creature and a symbol of rebirth and reinvention. The "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" star, of course, famously split with Jennifer Garner, his wife of 10 years, in July.

And, for the naysayers who don't think the ink is real, think again. "He got it done at home recently," the insider told Us Weekly of the back piece.

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