She's come from the bloodline of a legend, but Zuri Marley is trying to forge her own music path.

Zuri is the daughter of Ziggy Marley and the granddaughter of the late Bob Marley. While she's aware of the upper-hand she received in the entertainment world, the 22-year-old is starting to break out on her own, and people are beginning to take notice.

The beauty posed for a photo shoot with V Magazine and spoke about her sound, which is far different than her famous grandfather's.


"I do encounter a lot of people who say, 'Oh, you should do island pop,' whatever that means," she said. "I'm really not taking that into consideration."

As part of the photoshoot with V Magazine, Zuri was labeled as "One To Watch," along with German singer Kim Petras, model Sarah Snyder and English actress Raffey Cassidy.

Getty Images for FYF

While many are likely just meeting Zuri, her diehard fans have known about her music abilities for several months — she self-released her first single, "Beg For It," in November last year. It's been described as "electro-pop."

A graduate of NYU's Clive Davis Institute, Zuri moved to New York from Jamaica four years ago because she wanted to "do music and acting and Broadway."

"I've never really had to differentiate myself from them because I'm just different," she said of her family. "I've always done my own thing and gone on my own path. What I take from Marley is the core of what my grandfather was saying which is freedom and love; not the Rasta, smoking weed, reggae music. That's what people might see, but they don't get the core message."