messy situation

Bravo star asks court to drug test husband amid divorce due to 'serious concerns for the safety' of their children

Kim Zolciak-Biermann and Kroy Biermann's divorce is getting messier by the day. 

Ever since the former "Real Housewives of Atlanta" couple split, friends have all but guaranteed that things will get nasty, and that vitriol has certainly begun.

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According to multiple reports, Kim recently filed a court petition to make Kroy take a drug test, as she claims he uses marijuana. Court documents show that she wants the retired NFL player to "submit to a five-panel hair follicle drug screen." She also want him to foot the bill for the test.

Kim claims that Kroy uses marijuana and he's "fearful" their younger children will be "exposed" to the substance. Kim "has serious concerns for the safety and well being of the minor children" under his care, she said. 

Ironically, Kim seemed to have little issue with daughter Ariana Biermann's admitted THC usage last year following the 21-year-old's fender bender.

Earlier this month, Kim filed for divorce from Kroy, her husband of nearly 12 years, as the duo's financial issues mounted. In her filing, she asked for spousal support and sole legal and physical custody of the duo's minor children, twins Kaia Rose and Kane Ren, 9, and sons Kash Kade, 10, and Kroy Jagger, 11.

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Last week, a source told People magazine, "Everyone expects this divorce is going to get really bad because neither of them will give in." The source added, "Divorce is terrible but the kids are going to have to go through this in a very public manner." 

People's source even argued that Kroy is an excellent father to the children, despite Kim's claims that she's scared for their safety around him. 

"It's really sad because he is a great dad," the source said. "With that said, they were both very involved parents and they both deserve to share custody and anyone that knows them would agree."

Future at CNN?

Fired CNN star not ruling out return after network boss shakeup

There's a chance that Don Lemon could be returning to his old stomping grounds.

The controversial newsman was fired from CNN last April after 17 years at the network following a series of questionable comments, including saying presidential candidate Nikki Haley was "not in her prime" at the age of 51. However, the ouster of now-former network CEO Chris Licht might open the door for Don's CNN resurrection.

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TMZ said Don and Chris had a long-standing tension. Following Chris' firing, CNN's Executive VP for Talent and Content Development Amy Entelis is now one of the people calling the shots, and she's been close with Don for nearly 15 years. 

Don's unceremonious spring termination (which came hours after Fox News showed Tucker Carlson the door) was dramatic and acrimonious, as he said he was let go without any notice whatsoever. 

"I was informed this morning by my agent that I have been terminated by CNN. I am stunned. After 17 years at CNN I would have thought that someone in management would have had the decency to tell me directly," he said in a statement. "At no time was I ever given any indication that I would not be able to continue to do the work I have loved at the network. It is clear that there are some larger issues at play."

He continued, "With that said, I want to thank my colleagues and the many teams I have worked with for an incredible run. They are the most talented journalists in the business, and I wish them all the best."

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Sources said Don's job was on thin ice in the months leading to his termination. "There are ongoing conversations about Don's future," a source told The Daily Beast in February. "He is a constant distraction."

Following his "in her prime" comments about Nikki, an editorial call was held to discuss how to handle the backlash. 

"His remarks were upsetting, unacceptable, and unfair to his co-hosts, and ultimately a huge distraction to the great work of this organization," Chris told staffers at the time, according to reports. Don responded, "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to hurt anyone. I did not mean to offend anyone."

Wild (and incorrect?) claim

'Good Times' actor denies daughter's claims he's being abused, financially exploited by caregiver

John Amos, the star of '70s sitcom "Good Times," is being abused and financially exploited by a caretaker, according to this daughter. Interestingly enough, though, John says nothing could be further from the truth. 

In a GoFundMe page, Shannon Amos argued that she "received a distressing call" from her father in May. At the time, she claimed John, 83, was being hospitalized in Memphis, Tennessee.


"Though I was out of the country, we managed a brief FaceTime conversation before his pain became too unbearable," she wrote. "Desperate, I reached out to a family friend, who flew to Memphis while I prepared to join them. What we found shattered our world: my dad fighting for his life in the ICU."

In time Shannon said she "unraveled a horrifying truth." 

"My dad had fallen victim to elder abuse and financial exploitation," she asserts, noting that she's working with local Colorado police and the Colorado Bureau of Investigations to determine if a crime was committed.

"Meanwhile, our priority remains my father's medical needs and providing him a safe haven," she added. "His home had been violated, stripped of anything valuable."

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Shannon didn't detail who the alleged perpetuators were, but said it was "caregiver."

"We are deeply saddened by John's victimization through elder abuse, neglect, and fiduciary abuse, believed to be perpetrated by a trusted caregiver," the GoFundMe said. "This betrayal has devastated us, and we are resolute in continuing a thorough investigation. The funds raised through this campaign will also allow us to seek justice and provide security and stability for him."

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Shannon is seeking $500,000 from the page, but she only raised about $4,000 over a 24-hour period.

Following the plea, John spoke with TMZ and said there was no factual basis for any of the claims. "No one is abusing him and he hasn't been fighting for his life," TMZ said, noting that John has no idea why Shannon started the fundraising page.

The "America's Dad" actor's rep did confirm he was in the hospital recently, but said it was tied to his lower body filling with fluid, which was causing issues with his heart. Doctors were able to drain the fluid and John is near 100%.

Tweet fallout

Music star unhappy with father for creating 'mess' with homophobic Pride Month post

Justin Bieber is angry that his father created a "mess" with a homophobic tweet and a depthless apology. 

Earlier in the week, Jeremy Bieber took to Twitter to post a rainbow flag with the sarcastic caption, "Don't forget to thank a straight person this month for your existence." The message, which was later deleted, came two days after he publicly shaded Pride Month, tweeting, "We need to celebrate families. U know the reason we're all here! The things this generation glorifies is unbelievable!" 

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In the immediate aftermath of Wednesday's message, fans torched Jeremy online. Justin, meanwhile, was "mad" that his father added unprovoked undue stress, a source told the Daily Mail.

"Justin hasn't had many controversies lately. He is trying to lay relatively low and just be there for [wife Hailey Bieber] and their relationship and not try to be around drama. He has had plenty of that in his life," the source explained. "But unfortunately, his dad started some new drama and now Justin is involved in the mess. He is mad at his dad for doing what he did but also knows that people will be talking about something else tomorrow and this will pass."

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Fans of the "Sorry" singer weren't willing to let Jeremy off the hook so easily.

One person said, "don't forget to thank your son cause he's the reason your electricity hasn't been shut off yet!" Another added, "Says the man who abandoned his child and only came back bc he became famous.. that's how you celebrate family?" Another critic tweeted, "Wasn't expected anything else from a  grown man who leeches off his son." One questioned, "celebrate your three different families with people you abandoned?"

Amid the backlash, Jeremy posted an uninspired apology.

"Acknowledging the nuclear family is offensive?  My apologies to those offended. Was not my intent. Not that my opinion matters," he tweeted. 

Since then, the father and son have spoken and are "on the same page to not do anything stupid like this again," the Mail's source said. 

"Justin has had an up-and-down relationship with his dad for years, and this just adds to it all. Justin's dad knows he put Justin in a bad position, but Justin is looking to move on from this as quickly as it started in the first place and hopes his dad is forgiven," the insider said. "Especially since it is so close to Father's Day and his dad's birthday. Justin wants to celebrate his dad and not be mad at his dad."

Post-surgery health

Danny Bonaduce's wife shares update on actor's condition after brain surgery

Danny Bonaduce's brain surgery was successful.

On Monday, June 5, the actor's wife, Amy Bonaduce, shared an update on Danny's health condition after the medical procedure.

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"It's been a long day but I just wanted to let you guys know that Danny's surgery went according to plan and he's doing well," she tweeted. 

The "Partridge Family" alum's health was a mystery for some time. In April 2022, he took a leave of absence from his Seattle-based radio show due to an illness. By summer of that year, he lost his ability to speak clearly or walk unassisted, as he needed a cane for movement.

"I'd seen my dad have a stroke, and it was the same thing," he shared on "Good Morning America" at the time. "I couldn't walk. I couldn't keep my balance. I slurred really badly. I couldn't remember anything. I was hoping for a diagnosis, but did not get one."

Finally, after meeting with "100 doctors," Danny was diagnosed with hydrocephalus, a debilitating condition that puts harmful pressure on the brain's tissues via water on the brain, according to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke

Following the diagnosis, Danny and Amy listed their $1.6 million Seattle home because the layout was no longer safe for him.

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Earlier this week, Danny spoke to TMZ about his health, saying his brain scan "doesn't look too good." However, he suspected that he'd feel significantly better after the surgery. 

"I don't want to get my hopes up too much that I'll be cured," he said. "I don't mean to be a sorry guy, I'm not a sorry guy but I will be completely bummed out if this doesn't work."

Still, Danny wanted to keep things in perspective and hopes he'll soon be able to everyday tasks. 

"I can't walk currently. I just can't," he said. "I'm never going to run track. I'm never going to box again, but if I can get from here to the kitchen on my own, bravo."

Following the surgery, the actor now has a shunt on his head that will drain fluid from his brain and relieve pressure.

Pooch problem

Comedian 'not sorry' for lashing out at PETA after being criticized for buying a dog at a pet store

As far as Pete Davidson is concerned, PETA is barking up the wrong tree.

The animal rights organization recently ripped the former "Saturday Night Live" star for purchasing a dog at a pet store, as opposed to adopting a pooch from a shelter. After doing so, Pete gave the organization a piece of his mind. 

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On Monday, June 5, the comedian left a visceral voicemail for Daphna Nachminovitch, PETA's Senior VP of Cruelty Investigations. In that message, obtained by TMZ, Pete says he's "severely allergic" to dogs so he has to get a cavapoo, a nearly hypoallergenic breed that doesn't shed.

Pete said he wanted to get the dog for his mom, as her previous four-legged pal recently died. 

The "Bupkis" star accused the organization of "creating news stories" because it's "boring" and "tired." He then used some vulgar language to conclude the message. 

Like Pete, PETA wasn't backing down. 

"If Pete had done his research, he would know that there's no such thing as a hypoallergenic dog, that at least a quarter of dogs in shelters are purebreds, and that Petfinder has listings for homeless dogs of every breed under the sun, including the one he purchased," the animal rights organization said in a statement. 

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While PETA was upset with Pete, the company still felt for his family. 

"Our hearts go out to the Davidson family for the loss of their dog," the statement said, "but Pete must know in his heart that there's no excuse for buying a dog and propping up the puppy mill industry when millions of dogs await loving homes in shelters, and we hope he'll do the right thing and adopt next time."

Pete, though, has seemingly not regrets about the voicemail he left, as he stressed that he and his family were devastated by the loss of his mom's dog. 

"I haven't seen my mom and sister cry like that in over 20 years. I was trying to cheer up my family. I was already upset that the store had filmed me without my permission or acknowledgement," he said. "Then this organization (PETA) made a public example of us, making our grieving situation worse. I am upset. It was a poor choice of words. I shouldn't have said what I said, but I am not sorry for standing up for myself and my family."

Sending a message

Talk show host clarifies 'twisted' words over claim she said 'I wish my mother was dead'

Drew Barrymore maintained she "never" said she wished her mother, Jaid Barrymore, was "dead," and the actress has accused the media of twisting her words.

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"I have been vulnerable and tried to figure out a very difficult, painful relationship while admitting it is difficult to do while a parent is alive. And, for those of us who have to figure that out in real time cannot wait, as in they cannot wait for the time, not that the parent is dead," Drew said in a passionate Instagram message. "Don't twist my words around or ever say that I wish my mother was dead. I have never said that. I never would."

"In fact, I go on to say [in the interview] that I wish I never have to live an existence where I would wish that on someone because that is sick," she said.

In an interview with New York magazine, which was published on June 5, the "ET" actress spoke of the complicated relationship she has with her mother and said she marveled at friends who'd been able to work through parent deaths. 

"All their moms are gone, and my mom's not. And I'm like, 'Well, I don't have that luxury.' But I cannot wait," Drew said in the interview. "I don't want to live in a state where I wish someone to be gone sooner than they're meant to be so I can grow. I actually want her to be happy and thrive and be healthy. But I have to f****** grow in spite of her being on this planet."

Reflecting on her comments later in the interview, she said, "I dared to say it, and I didn't feel good. I do care. I'll never not care. I don't know if I've ever known how to fully guard, close off, not feel, build the wall up."

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Drew's difficult relationship with Jaid is well-documented. The "Charlie's Angels" actress became emancipated from her mother and father, John Drew Barrymore, at the age of 14 after a trip to rehab and a year-and-a-half stay at a California mental health facility. Drew often accused her mother of bringing her to parties as a child and exposing her to drugs and alcohol. 

Still, Drew doesn't "blame" her mom for the difficulties in her life. 

"I choose very consciously not to see my life as things that have been done to me," Drew told New York magazine. "I want to see it as the things I did and chose to do. I'm not attracted to people who lay blame on others. I don't find it sexy."

She's back

'Britain's Got Talent' singing legend returns to stage after stroke left her speech 'almost unintelligible'

Susan Boyle returned to the stage for the first time in four years this weekend, and also for the first time since suffering a stroke. 

The singer, 62, appeared on "Britain's Got Talent" on Sunday, June 4, to sing Les Misérables' "I Dreamed A Dream," which was her audition song back in 2009. The fact that she was able to sing at all was rather impressive, as her speech was left "almost unintelligible" following a stroke last year, a source tells

Ian Georgeson/Shutterstock

After performing, the reality TV legend said it was "great" to be back on the show that launched her career.

"It's extra special for me actually because last April there I suffered a minor stroke and I thought it would be crazy to be back on stage and I have done it," she said. 

The Mail claimed that Susan, who was found by her personal assistant after suffering the stroke, has had intensive vocal coaching over the past year while learning to speak clearly again. 

"The PA came over to see her that morning, they often go out for breakfast together but as soon as she saw Susan she realized that they needed to go straight to hospital. She was able to walk but had a dropped face and was slurring her words. She was capable of speech but it was hard to work out what she was saying," the source said. 

An inconsolable Susan quickly felt that her singing career was finished due to her health. Over the past 14 years, Susan has sold 25 million records, and her "BGT" audition has been viewed on YouTube more than 261 million times.

Prior to Sunday, Susan hadn't performed since 2019.

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"All she has ever wanted to do is sing and she was at that point convinced that her career was over. She was devastated, very deeply upset as well as being ill," the source said. "She hired a private speech therapist once the crisis was over and she was out of hospital. Since then she has been seeing him a few times a week plus doing homework in between and also seeing her regular vocal coach."

The source concluded, "She has worked very hard to get to the point where she could perform last night although we are not quite back to the point she was before the stroke." 

Brutal murder

Body of missing soap star found in trunk encased in cement in Brazil

The body of Jefferson Machado, a South American soap star who has been missing for four months, was found encased in cement, stuffed in a trunk and buried in the ground, according to a media reports. 

Brazilian authorities confirmed that Jeff's remains were found deeply buried in the backyard of a home in Campo Grande, Brazil. The actor's family also confirmed the news on Facebook

Jeff Machado/Instagram

Jeff, who starred on the Brazilian religious telenovela "Reis," was first reported missing in late January after his eight dogs were found alone and abandoned — something friends said Jeff would have never intentionally done. Prior to the grisly discovery, Jeff had not been seen or heard from since Jan. 27, 2023. 

After his remains were found, an attorney for Jeff's family released a statement indicating that the actor was strangled. The death, the lawyer admitted, was "brutal."

"It is with regret that I share the sad news of the passing of actor Jeff Machado, whose body was found with strangulation signs. This discovery confronts us with the cruelty present in our society, motivating us to seek truth and justice in the face of such impactful cases," Jairo Magalhães Pereira said. "Preliminary information indicates that the actor's body was found in a trunk, buried in a hole of considerable depth. This situation deeply saddens us and indignant in the face of the suffering faced by Jeff."

Jeff Machado/Instagram

The home where Jeff's body was found belonged to his friend. That unidentified friend is now a person of interest in the crime. 

"My commitment as a lawyer is to seek tirelessly for truth and justice. It is my responsibility to ensure that everyone involved in this brutal crime is held accountable and punished, and that Jeff's family finds the support they need to get through this very painful time," the attorney said. 

Jairo told Record TV Rio in Rio De Janeiro that Jeff's neck had a "line" in it and he was identified using fingerprints. 

"He had his arms tied behind his head and buried in a trunk that is very similar to the ones in his own house," he said.

Music future in flux?

Grammy winner contemplating quitting over hateful tweets

Lizzo is strongly considering putting music and touring in her rearview mirror after incessant online fat-shaming. 

The Grammy winner was livid after reading a social media comment from one follower this week. "How is Lizzo still THIS fat when she's constantly moving this much on stage?! I wonder what she must be eating," the cruel message said.

Matt Baron/BEI/Shutterstock

In responding to the message, the "Truth Hurts" singer wrote, "JUST logged on and the app and this is the type of s*** I see about me on a daily basis. It's really starting to make me hate the world." 

She added, "Then someone in the comments said I eat 'lots of fast food.' I LITERALLY STOPPED EATING FAST FOOD YEARS AGO… I'm tired of explaining myself all the time and I just wanna get on this app w/out seeing my name in some bull****."

Not mincing words, Lizzo admitted to getting "heated" while saying her critics know "nothing" about her.

Lizzo continued to defend her body, claiming she eats clean and works out. She also stressed that she's trying to live healthy and not "BE smaller." The "Juice" songstress then spoke of her "hatred" toward Twitter.

"The Love definitely do not outweigh the Hate on social media… all because I'm fat???? This is CRAZY," she said. "Y'all don't know how close I be to giving up on everyone and quitting and enjoying my money and my man on a F****** FARM…"

"I hate it here," she said of Twitter.

David Fisher/Shutterstock

A "heated" Lizzo proclaimed that she "never" searches for her name, but her timeline is still littered with people commenting on her physical appearance. 

"I swear I just wanna look at dance videos and science news and this s*** comes in every day…," she said. 

Lizzo also took her feelings to Instagram while attaching a video from a recent concert where she hits at trolls. 


In the concert video, Lizzo held up a sign that was given to her by a fan. It read: "I'm sorry people on Twitter suck. You are beautiful and special."