Catherine Zeta-Jones has still got it!

On Sept. 2, the 47-year-old showed off her natural beauty with a makeup-free selfie on Instagram.

"The Mask of Zorro" star is pictured lounging around in bed being lazy on a Saturday morning, looking beautiful without a stitch of makeup on her face.

So, what's her beauty secret?

Back in 2016, Catherine revealed that she uses argan oil on her skin at night to stay hydrated.

And, we can tell that she simply takes good care of herself by staying active.

On Aug. 23, she shared a video on Instagram playing tennis, joking that it was her audition for the US Open.

Or, maybe it's all the laughter in Catherine's life that gives her that gorgeous glow.

She posted a funny montage of her family, including her actor husband Michael Douglas and their two teenage kids, goofing off on Aug. 21, the day of the eclipse.

Whatever it is, it's sure working for Catherine ...

The Tony Award winner has overcome some big hurdles in her life. She spoke publicly about being diagnosed with Bipolar II disorder, after having gone into treatment back in 2013. Soon after, she and Michael, 72, briefly separated.

But, the Hollywood couple reconciled in 2014, and will be celebrating their 17th anniversary in November.

Keep shining bright, Catherine.