Chelsea Handler's beloved rescue dog Tammy, who she also called Bear, passed away on Aug. 11 of kidney failure, the comedian announced on Instagram.


In her final sendoff to her furry pal, Chelsea posted a picture of Bear atop her bed while wearing a red bandana. In a tearjerking note, the funny lady said she was forced to put Tammy down.

"I lost my bear today. She was struggling and I couldn't bear to have her fight anymore. Anyone who doesn't believe a dog changes your life has never rescued one," she said. "I only had 2 years with Tammy, but she made sure I never went to bed once without hearing her little paws mount my stairwell 2 paws at a time. If my door was closed, she slept outside my room like a security guard."

She added, "Dogs give you something you never knew was missing. I love you, bear. Thanks for being such a girl. I will get another dog that needs a home and it will remind me every day how much I miss you. Lub lub lub."

Tammy was often seen on Chelsea's show.

Chelsea had set up an Instagram page for Bear, which had an impressive 18,000 followers. "Tammy," aka Chelsea was open about the pooch's struggles recently.

"After my bout of illness, I've decided to donate my eggs. My bucket list needs checking! Time is of the essence," the dog said on Instagram on Aug. 9.

A few days prior, "Tammy" shared another image and wrote, "My kidneys are not what they used to be, but I'm surrounded by an amazing support system, helmed by my mama @chelseahandler, who taught me to never shy away from a challenge."

RIP, Bear.