David Arquette got into a physical altercation after a man ambushed him on a red carpet on Thursday.

This may not be nearly as serious or as unexpected as it seemed.

The man who ambushed David was pro wrestler RJ City, who David just so happens to be wrestling this weekend. In other words, this very well could simply be a wrestling promotion or publicity stunt to hype up the July 15 fight.

Jameson Bedonie / SplashNews.com

The incident went down while David on the red carpet at the 350 Days premiere in Los Angeles.

Video of the July 12 incident, posted to TMZ, shows David chatting with photographers and reporters when RJ approaches him, pestering him by getting in his personal space. David eventually pushes RJ, who responds by slapping David in the face.

Jameson Bedonie / SplashNews.com

"See you Sunday, goodbye," RJ says as he is escorted off the red carpet.

The bad blood between the two began on Twitter when the duo started jawing at each other.

After the red carpet scuffle, David told reporters, "I have a match with RJ City on Sunday and apparently he bum rushed me on the red carpet… It's already been personal."

Jameson Bedonie / SplashNews.com

David said he's been training in Mexico with luchadores.

"That was incredible. I learned a ton and they were amazing, such heritage and honor, unlike some people who don't have honor," he said, looking back to where the ambush happened, clearly referring to RJ. "I don't know how much wrestling is going to happen. It's going to be more of a fight. We really don't like each other."

David, if you'll recall, is a former WCW heavyweight champion, who he knows a thing or two about pro wrestling promotion.

So, the age old question surrounding pro wresting applies with this red carpet encounter: Was it real or was it fake?