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Front row seats at Fashion Week come with their own set of rules. Among them? Keep your legs uncrossed and both feet on the ground so as not to create shadows on the runway that might ruin the photographers' images.

But if playing Serena van der Woodsen taught Blake Lively anything, it's that rules are made for breakin'.

At the Michael Kors show in New York on Feb. 17, a nude and gold-clad Blake appeared to ignore the "legs uncrossed" rule, folding one long gam over the other for much if not all of the show.

"It's for the photographers," a fashion insider told the New York Post. "People's legs get in the way ... It messes up the shots."

Blake and her front row cohorts were even asked personally to uncross their legs by Michael Kors CEO John D. Idol, according to the tab.

Judging from photos of the show, however, the request fell on deaf ears when it came to Blake and her neighbor, Riley Keough. (Blake's mom, Elaine, seated on the other side of the actress, eventually capitulated and planted both feet on the floor.)

If Blake felt somewhat entitled to do what she wanted at the show, it may have been because of her close relationship with Michael Kors.

"I don't have a stylist," Blake told the New York Times when asked about her long held affection for his designs, "so that forces me to pick up the phone and call designers individually and often build a relationship with them, given there is no middle man. What I think of them personally tends to shape who I choose to wear. And there is no one in the business more fun and generous and thoughtful than Michael."

Earlier that day, the "Gossip Girl" alum was spotted shopping at New York's Christian Louboutin boutique in a piece from Kors' 2016 Spring line -- a red and black dress covered in poppy appliques boasting a neckline that plunged all the way to her sternum.