TMZ caught up with Jeremy Piven's former costar and friend, Kevin Dillon, on Saturday, to ask his opinion on the cancelling of his CBS show "Wisdom of the Crowd," amid multiple sexual misconduct allegations against him.


Dillon was visibly shocked by the news of the canceling, telling TMZ, "I didn't know that…I didn't know that…"

And when asked what his feelings were and if agrees when those like Piven (or others) have their shows canceled before allegations are substantiated, he replied, "no, I don't, and I think he's getting railroaded here."


Dillon, who spent eight seasons as Johnny Chase working with Piven on HBO's hit show "Entourage," then added, "I've never seen him doing anything like that…he's been nothing but a gentleman."

As Dillon begins to ascend an escalator, TMZ brings up Matt Lauer's firing, calling it another similar scenario, where Dillon is again surprised referring to it all as "a witch hunt, a witch hunt."