When an online troll went low, Gabourey Sidibe went high.

On Nov. 12, the actress posted a photo to Instagram of her and several friends having a girls night out, captioning the image, "On our way to ya mans house...."

Obviously, the caption was written as a joke, but one user named Betty wasn't finding it funny and let Gabourey know (in language not fit for print). The actress ignored the message, but the same person then told Gabby that she looked like a "boy" and added, "Go find your sides and stop wearing fake hair."

Rather that trade insults, Gabourey decided to take down the online muckraker with kindness.

"I'm not sure why you're so mad and I don't need to know why, Betty. What I do know is that you are clearly suffering and you're probably reaching out in nastiness in order to get some attention and you've got mine. You have my attention and my concern and now my hand extended to you in prayer that your situation and your heart is healed. I don't have to know your needs to ask the Lord to provide those needs to you," she wrote. "May you receive this prayer in love and may God's peace and guidance fall on you and life and keep you in love."


The hater seemed to backtrack after Gabourey's message started making news.

"It was just a joke. But thanks to my fans who made a comment," she said. However, the anger seemed to come back, commenting, "It's not that serious. Get a life are [sic] a job."

Most of Gabby's 1.3 million Instagram followers seemed firmly in her corner.