Gwyneth Paltrow couldn't resist chiming in on the recent Kate Hudson cutting board joke gone viral with quite the racy tweet on Saturday, Dec. 22. But, before we reveal her comment, here's some backstory ...

Last week, the Internet went wild over a photo of Kate Hudson standing in her kitchen in front of a slew of cutting boards, taken to announce her new spokeswoman role for WW, formerly Weight Watchers.

Within minutes, the pic went viral and was used to churn out funny memes about the "Almost Famous" star's apparent love for cutting boards, but one in particular caught her longtime pal Gwyneth's eye.

"Just a note to anyone shopping for Kate Hudson this holiday season," the meme read. "She doesn't need any more cutting boards."

Gwyneth interjected to offer up a raunchy explanation for Kate's excessive number of wooden boards.

"Maybe they are BDSM paddles," she wrote in the comments section, referring to bondage, discipline, dominance and submission.

While we doubt that Kate gets all "Fifty Shades of Grey" with her kitchen utensils, she can definitely take a joke and run with it. She even poked fun at herself when the meme originally made social media headlines.

" a new cutting board," she captioned a photo on Instagram earlier in the week.

Kate, who gave birth to daughter Rani Rose in October, got a warm welcome to the WW family on a recent FaceTime call with Oprah, who asked her why she's decided to get healthy now.

"My why is really my kids and my family and longevity," she explained. "And wanting to be here as long as I possibly can."

Looks like Kate will be putting those cutting boards to good use to cook up healthy meals on her WW journey.

Good luck!