Heather Locklear will not be charged with a felony in regards to her domestic violence arrest last month.

The "Melrose Place" actress was arrested on Feb. 26 after a drunken fight with her boyfriend.


In addition to the felony domestic violence charge, Heather was originally booked on three counts of misdemeanor battery on an officer for allegedly became combative and attacking officers during her arrest.

According to TMZ, the district attorney has now charged the actress, 56, with four counts of misdemeanor battery on an officer, along with with one count of resisting/obstructing an officer. She was not charged with assaulting her boyfriend, despite that being the original reason for her arrest.

TMZ obtained a search warrant last week. It details the vulgarity that Heather was using during the arrest, even telling an officer that she hopes his children die.

She also allegedly told officers, "If you ever come back to my house I will shoot you." Police actually searched her home for a gun, but failed to find one.


Heather is currently in a medical treatment facility.

The story, however, got a little stranger: Just two hours after the arrest, Heather's boyfriend, Chris Heisser, was arrested for DUI in Los Angeles.