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Joe Gorga gets honest with sister Teresa Giudice about her estranged husband

Joe Gorga finally came clean to sister Teresa Giudice about how he feels about her marriage and her estranged husband.

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On the Feb. 5 episode of "The Real Housewives of New Jersey," Gorga confessed that he thought his sister should move on from her marriage to Joe Giudice, who at the time the episode was filmed was still in an Immigrations and Customs Enforcement facility in America following a three-year prison term. In October, Giudice was allowed to travel to his native Italy to await the final ruling in his deportation appeal, and in December, he and Teresa announced their separation after 20 years of marriage.

After some discussion with Teresa on the episode, Gorga told her, as reported by TooFab, "You wanna know the truth? I never really thought you guys had a good relationship. I just didn't see him treating you the way you should've been treated."

Teresa was clearly irked and hit back, "Thanks for telling me now." Her brother explained that he wasn't going to get involved in her marriage before but that circumstances had clearly changed. "I'm just telling you now because you're in this situation," he said. "You gotta get happy in life, you know what I mean? I don't know what you're doing." Teresa admitted she didn't know either.

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Gorga continued his criticism of his brother-in-law in a confessional segment. "Joe's always gonna be arrogant," he said. "He's rough, he's tough. He doesn't know how to open up and be a man. You know what a man is? When he can look at you and say, 'I love you. You're amazing. You're beautiful.' That's a f—ing man."

Teresa and Gorga's discussion began when she filled her brother in on her latest visit to see her husband in ICE detention. "I'm so f—ing drained. Like, today, Joe said the craziest s— today. I can't," she said, as reported by TooFab. "He said to me, 'I just want you to know I feel nothing for you.' He told me, he's like, 'Go find somebody else. I won't even be mad.'"

Giudice previously told his wife, as seen on an earlier episode of "RHONJ," that he didn't want to marry her back in 1999 and that other men wouldn't want her now because she has too much baggage. Gorga asked his sister, "If he's saying all these negative things to you, why don't you just move on in your life?" adding, "No, I'm serious," and pointing out that Teresa and Joe Giudice's eldest daughter, Gia, "just said, 'I don't care if you guys are together."

Teresa — who spent most of 2015 in prison after she and her husband admitted they were guilty of federal financial fraud charges — speculated that Gia said that "Maybe 'cause she feels it. Like, we bicker. And I don't want the kids to live through that, you know? I don't know."

That's when her brother told her what he's really felt about his brother-in-law all these years.


Busy Philipps, husband have been secretly separated for over a year

Busy Philipps has been keeping a secret, at least from the public, for over a year.

On her "Busy Philipps Is Doing Her Best" podcast, the actress revealed that she and her husband, Marc Silverstein, quietly separated in February 2021.

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"It's been a really long time that Marc and I have been separated, and our kids know, our families know, our friends know," she said. "And we really discussed, like, how do I handle it sort of publicly? Because when we first separated, it was, like, February of last year."

The "Dawson's Creek" alum and Marc decided against issuing a statement a year ago about the split. The idea of issuing a statement, she said, "made us sick, both of us, truly ill."

"There's, like, a conventional idea of what a person in the public eye is supposed to do when their relationship ends, and it's been very well-established, right? Like, you make a statement, you're 'committed to remaining friends,' 'please respect our privacy and our family's privacy in this time,' right? But the truth is, like, who made that rule up, that that's how you do it? I'm serious," she said. "And if anything, the last several years has shown me it's a little bit that, like, you can only do what's right for you and your family, whether or not you have a public-facing life or you just post on Facebook or whatever. Because we all, at this point, have a public-facing life. You don't have to follow a conventional idea just because it's been done before. I really do believe that."

The duo shares two children, Birdie, 13, and Cricket, 8.


The access got emotional while discussing the split. 

"It's a journey. Jour-ney. It's been a journey," she said, her voice cracking. "The surest way that Marc and I have been able to ensure the privacy of our kids that we love so f****** much was by not involving the public."

Regardless of the split, Busy has animosity toward her ex.

"Well, we love each other — very much," she said. "And we have these beautiful kids together. And there are a lot of things that really work about our relationship."

Ring thing

What Shanna Moakler's plans to do with her engagement ring from Travis Barker

Shanna Moakler's engagement ring from Travis Barker is going to a new home… maybe your home!

The former beauty queen revealed that she plans to auction off her engagement ring – a move that comes 14 years after she and Travis divorced, and two weeks after the Blink-182 drummer legally married Kourtney Kardashian.


"I think it is a beautiful piece and truly was my dream ring," Shanna told Us Weekly. "However, that chapter of my life is over and even though wearing it at one time brought me great joy, I hope it will find a new home and continue to bring someone as much happiness as it once did to me. It's truly an iconic ring!"

The ring — which Us says features a diamond encrusted band surrounding a large, solitaire stone — is for sale through at least May 31 on, but the auction could be extended based on interest. Bidding for the ring began at $51,000, and it quickly bid up to over $64,00.

"I'm hoping it sells for $120,000," Shanna said. "It was worth about $160,000."

Although Shanna is well aware of the Travis and Kourtney's recent nuptials in Los Angeles and Italy, she said the timing of the auction has nothing to do with his new marriage. 

Alessandro Bremec/NurPhoto/Shutterstock

"I'm sure people would assume that [it's related to the wedding], but I simply wanted to find a proper seller and is the most professional and I know will give this piece the attention it deserves," she said.

Shanna and Travis share two children, Landon, 18, and Alabama, 16. The dummer is also very close with Atiana De La Hoya, 23, Moakler's daughter with boxer Oscar De La Hoya.

"I wish the happy couple a lovely marriage," Shanna said of Travis and Kourtney. "I will continue to only want the best for my children. It was a beautiful gesture to include my children in such a gorgeous affair."

Vegas return?

The truth about those Britney Spears Las Vegas residency rumors

Las Vegas still wants a piece of Britney Spears. The feeling, though, might not be mutual.

Rumors about a potential Britney residency at Resorts World have run rampant since the pop posted images from the hotel last weekend. It was Britney's second visit to the less-than-a-year-old property within three months. 

According to TMZ, Britney has "no plans" to return to Sin City, where she once had a highly-successful four-year residency at Planet Hollywood. Back in 2018, Britney announced she would begin another residency show at Park MGM, but that never came to fruition, largely due to the conservatorship battle with her father, Jamie Spears

It's pretty clear that Britney could easily ink a residency deal if she wants, and it seems that Resorts World would likely house the show, as it has made no secret of its desire to add the pop star to its residency roster. Just last week, the hotel projected a huge billboard onto its facade to mark Britney's weekend stay.

Matt Baron/Shutterstock

While at the hotel with fiancé, Sam Asghari, and agent Cade Hudson, Britney stayed in a $15,000-a-night suite, complete with a private pool and movie theater. Although the hotel rolled out the red carpet, the message may all be for naught.

TMZ, citing "several sources close to Britney," said there weren't "any talks" about a possible Vegas return, "and the thought of getting back on stage any time soon just isn't even something [Britney] is entertaining."

No Shows

Lee Greenwood becomes fifth performer to drop out of NRA convention following Texas school shooting

Another prominent singer has canceled his upcoming performance at an NRA Convention in Houston this weekend. Lee Greenwood — of "God Bless The USA" fame — announced he's pulled out of the gig due to the horrific school shooting in Uvalde, Texas, that left 21 people dead, 19 of which were children.


Lee is now the fifth singer to bow out at the 11th hour.

Lee's cancelation came after Larry Gatlin, the vocalist behind "All the Gold in California" and "Broken Lady," decided to forgo the convention, too.

Suzanne Cordeiro/Shutterstock

In canceling, the 74-year-old even went so far as to call out "some" of the NRA's "outdated and ill-thought-out positions regarding firearms in AMERICA."

In a statement, Larry said, "I cannot, in good conscience, perform at the NRA convention in Houston this weekend. While I agree with most of the positions held by the NRA, I have come to believe that, while background checks would not stop every madman with a gun, it is at the very least a step in the right direction toward trying to prevent the kind of tragedy we saw this week in Uvalde — in my beloved, weeping TEXAS."

In what is sure to cause waves, he fiercely defended the right to bear arms, but added, "The 2nd amendment should not apply to everyone. It's that simple." Still, he also thinks that arming teachers — a popular NRA talking point — could have stopped Tuesday's massacre at Robb Elementary School.

"It is not a perfect world and the 'if only crowd's' policies will never make it one. I am a 'what if guy' and I can't help but ask the question, 'What if the teachers had been proficient in the use of firearms and had, in fact been armed this week? My answer is that there would not be 21 freshly dug graves for 21 of GOD's precious children," he said.

Stephen Lovekin/Shutterstock

Larry, who has performed at past NRA conventions, is one of several performers choosing to bow out of the "NRA Grand Ole Night of Freedom."

On May 25, Don McLean opted out, saying it would be "disrespectful and hurtful" for him to perform. 

"I'm sure all the folks planning to attend this event are shocked and sickened by these events as well. After all, we are all Americans," he said in a statement. "I share the sorrow for this terrible, cruel loss with the rest of the nation."

After Larry's cancelation, Restless Heart frontman Larry Stewart and country artist Danielle Peck both said they, too, would not perform at the convention in the wake of the tragedy.

Parent police

Ice-T, wife react after being stroller-shamed

Ice-T and his wife's parenting skills are being questioned again, but they're asking critics to have a little bit of perspective.

Over the weekend, Coco Austin shared several family pictures from a Bahamian vacation, and the couple's 6-year-old daughter, Chanel, appeared in a stroller in one of the images, which were posted to Twitter and Instagram. Some of Coco's social media followers quickly whipped out their parenting police badges and insisted that Chanel was far too big and too old to be in a stroller.

Amid the criticism, Coco responded to Twitter, writing, "Oh lord!! Really people? The world loves to criticize literary everything i do!" She then brought up the rash of horrific shootings in America, implying that people should focus on important matters.

"This stroller thing trending right now about me using a stroller to push Chanel around is ridiculous! Isnt there a war & mass shootings going as we speak & you'd rather mess with my mothering? SMH," she wrote. 

Around the same time, Ice-T also shook his head at the backlash and ensuring the media coverage. 

"MFs ain't got s*** else to talk about.. F em all. Smh. Lol," he wrote. 

Of course, the couple has been on the wrong end of online parenting "experts" before. Last summer, a breastfeeding debate broke out after Coco said Chanel liked her "boob."

"A lot of people are like, 'Oh, you're not getting the nutrition after 2 years old. Why do it?' And I'm like, My child's eating steak and hamburgers. She just likes a little snack every now and then and more of the bonding between the mother. Why take that away from her?," Coco told Us Weekly.

@coco/Instagram / Birdie Thompson/SIPA/Shutterstock

The former Playboy model said the little girl liked breastfeeding because it gave her comfort. "She loves on it and it's not like she's getting milk from it," Coco said, "but she's getting her little snack and it's kind of soothing her to sleep."

Amid the controversy, Ice tweeted, "Why the F are you worried about MY Child??? That's what's weird.. Now go back in the basement."

Thoughtful gift

'Toddlers and Tiaras' star had touching gift sent to mom two weeks after suicide

"Toddlers & Tiaras" star Kailia Posey ordered a present for her mother before taking her life — that gift arrived two weeks after the 16-year-old took her final breath.


Kailia's mother, Marcy Posey Gatterman, told E! News that the teen saw a blanket on TikTok and had it delivered two weeks after her death. The blanket reads: "Dear Mom, even when I'm not close by, I want you to know I love and appreciate you. Always. Wrap yourself up in this and consider it a big hug. I love you."

Marcy will forever cherish the posthumous gift and hopes it will help her cope with her daughter's death.

"This is the worst thing a mother can go through. Parents who have teenagers that have phones, check their phones," she told E!. "And if you're struggling, talk to your parents. They're not judging you. They're going to get you the help that you need, but we need to know what you need in order to get the help you need. Don't keep it inside."

Kailia, who appeared on TLC's "Toddlers & Tiaras" in 2012, died just days after her 16th birthday, her mother announced on May 3. 

"I don't have words or any thoughts. A beautiful baby girl is gone," Marcy wrote on Facebook. reported that the former reality TV star was found in a Washington state park, and later on May 3, her family confirmed her cause of death in a statement to TMZ

"Although she was an accomplished teenager with a bright future ahead of her, unfortunately in one impetuous moment, she made the rash decision to end her earthly life," the statement said, adding that Kailia had "won countless crowns & trophies after competing on the pageant circuit her entire life … Her highly acclaimed talent as a contortionist had already led to professional touring job offers, and she had recently been selected to be a cheerleader at her high school next fall."

As a 6-year-old, a clip of Kailia flashing a grin was turned into a popular GIF that she and her mom often posted alongside funny phrases. Kailia had been preparing to compete in the Miss Washington Teen USA pageant and had just attended her prom.

New ink

Brooklyn Beckham gets massive tattoo of his wedding vows

Brooklyn Beckham is proud to have his wife, Nicola Peltz, on his arm… literally.

Matt Baron/Shutterstock

The son of David and Victoria Beckham revealed this week that he got his wedding vows tattooed on his arm. Brooklyn posted a photo of the new ink to his Instagram Story.

"Nicola when you walked down the aisle you took my breath away you look so beautiful tonight and always," the lengthy tat begins, according to a screenshot obtained by Page Six. "Let me start by saying that words cannot even describe my love for you just looking at you I see my future and it feels like a dream. You are my world and I continue to fall more in love with you every single day."

Brooklyn Beckham/Instagram

The couple married last month in a lavish wedding at her family's estate in Palm Beach, Florida.

Brooklyn, 23, told Nicola that she's the "best thing that has ever happened" to him, and he thanked her for making him "the man I am today."

"I have been looking forward to this day for so long, because today is the day I get to marry you, my forever babe, my love and my best friend, Nicola – today you become my partner, my other half – and my family and because of that I am the luckiest man in the world to be able to spend the rest of my life with you," the tattoo reads. "I promise to be the best partner, the best husband and man and to always take care of you, to make you laugh, feel safe and more importantly loved."

Laurent Vu/SIPA/Shutterstock

In referring to the couple's future children, the tat reads, "I can't wait to live out our dreams together and have lots of babies and be yours forever because you are forever mine."

The ink is just the latest of several Nicola-dedicated tattoos that Brooklyn has gotten.

Get well soon

Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler, 74, enters rehab after drug relapse

Aerosmith has canceled several of its Las Vegas residency shows after Steven Tyler voluntarily checked himself into rehab following a recent relapse.

Rick Diamond/REX/Shutterstock

"As many of you know, our beloved brother Steven has worked on his sobriety for many years. After foot surgery to prepare for the stage and the necessity of pain management during the process, he has recently relapsed and voluntarily entered a treatment program to concentrate on his health and recovery," the band said in a statement posted to social media on Tuesday, May 24. "We are truly sorry to inform our fans and friends that we must cancel our first set of Las Vegas Residency dates this June and July while he focuses on his well-being."

The summer dates were set to mark Aerosmith's return to the stage for the first time since the COVID pandemic. The group still hopes to play its scheduled September dates. 

"We are devastated that we have inconvenienced so many of you, especially our most loyal fans who often travel great distances to experience our shows," the statement said. "Thank you for your understanding and for your support for Steven during this time."

Refunds will be given to ticket holders of the canceled shows. 

Steven, 74, has long been open about his struggles. Shortly after the social media announcement, fans posted their support for the music star on social media. 

Moms, moms, moms....

Nick Cannon opens up about relationship between his children's mothers

Nick Cannon claims to have a good relationship with all five of his baby mommas, but he doesn't necessarily need them to all get along.

"I don't keep no secrets [from them]," he said on the "The Big Tigger Morning Show."

Andy Kropa/Invision/AP/Shutterstock

The "Masked Singer" host shares children with Mariah Carey, Brittany Bell, Abby De La Rosa and Alyssa Scott. He's also currently expecting a baby with Bre Tiesi. 

"They know how I move. I multitask," he said of the women, adding, "They don't have to [get along]. They all get along with me."

Nick famously shares twins Moroccan and Monroe, 11, with ex-wife Mariah Carey; he shares 5-year-old son, Golden and daughter, Powerful Queen, 1, with model Brittany Bell;  he shares 11-month-old twins, Zion Mixolydian and Zillion Heir, with Abby De La Rosa; Nick and model Alyssa Scott welcomed son Zen on June 23, 2021, who was born just nine days after Zion and Zillion. Zen sadly passed in December from brain cancer at five months old.

After Nick and Bre welcome his eighth child, he won't totally rule out having more. For now, the "Wild 'N Out" star said he just wants to be a "responsible" father to his trove of children.

"I just want to be the best father I can possibly be and lean into it. I embrace all my children. I love children," he said, later adding, "I didn't set out [for this to happen]. … A lot of people have a lot of children as well and they kinda keep it quiet or they don't talk about it. I lean into mine."

Willy Sanjuan/Invision/AP/Shutterstock

Last summer, Nick maintained that the children were intentionally conceived, telling Power 106 radio that he "don't have no accident[s]." While he told "The Big Tigger Morning Show" there's "always a chance" he could add to his squad, he also recently revealed that he's making moves to all but ensure that he's done fathering kids.

"I already went and got my vasectomy consultation," he told E! News earlier this month. "I ain't looking to populate the Earth completely, but I'm definitely looking forward to taking care and loving all the children that I currently have."