Khloe Kardashian has gotten a kut ... kind of.

London Entertainment /Splash

During her decade in the spotlight, the reality star has essentially always had long flowing locks that run to her chest. That's all changed lately. On Aug. 7, celebrity hairstylist Jen Atkin shared an image of her famous client with hair that stops above her shoulders.

"Fresh [cut] for my little pink starburst @khloekardashian," Jen wrote on Instagram. "If anyone knows our love affair it took years to get Khloé to go short and now look at her!! Owning her beauty and changing it up! My little girl is all grown up!"

Jen then asked her two million Instagram followers, "Who loves her with short hair?"

Khloe, too, showed off her hair on Instagram. While rocking a black Givenchy T-shirt, black jeans and aviator sunglasses, Khloe captioned her image," I'm a pink starburst! I repeat, I am a pink starburst!"

Khloe documented the hair change on Snapchat, but on Twitter she said she didn't actually cut her "real" hair.

"You guys I didn't cut my real hair," she wrote. "I braided all my hair up and I sewed on a weave and I cut the weave hair. I wouldn't cut my real hair."

On Snapchat, she added, "I've have waited far too long to grow my hair to cut it, so this is all changeable."