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Brielle Biermann is getting a bit lippy!

Kim Zolciak Biermann's 18-year-old daughter took to social media on Nov. 25 to show off her new plump pout, courtesy of her new lip injections.

Kim's mini-me posted a time-lapse video of the semi-invasive procedure to Instagram that shows her bottom and top lips getting measured and poked by a needle multiple times. Drops of blood can be seen at times, but Brielle seems all too happy with the results.

"Thank you thank you thank you!!!" she captioned the video, thanking Dr. Simon Ourian, whom she called her "favorite," for doing the procedure. "My lips are my biggest insecurity and I'm so happy w my results now!"

She went on to seemingly thank her doctor again, saying, "You truly are the best! Even though I hate needles you made this very easy! Thank you again."

Earlier, the "Don't Be Tardy" star showed off her new lips on social media, captioning it with a simple, "#nofilter."

Brielle follows in the footsteps of another famous 18-year-old who has had lip fillers, Kylie Jenner.

Although the procedure is fairly minimal when it comes to cosmetic surgery, perhaps Brielle is starting to morph into her mother. Kim has been very open in the past about her surgeries. Kim, though, has been adamant that she's never had any facial surgery.

In August on "Watch What Happens Live," a caller asked Kim if she had work done to enhance her beauty. Kim rolled her eyes during the question, quickly saying, "No. I hear you, and I hear this all the time, but I want people to understand. I had a baby in 2011, one in '12 and two in 2013. So I think the weight of all that...but I mean, no, I haven't."

Kim has admitted to getting Botox and having surgery on her breasts and stomach.

"I'm very honest with plastic surgery," she said. "I've never hid anything, we all know that I do Botox and I'm a big fan of it. My lips are definitely over-drawn."