Kris Jenner is looking to share her style.


America's favorite momager has a genuine interest in launching her own clothing line, she said during the Vogue "Forces of Fashion" conference in New York City. During a discussion with creative director Sally Singer, Kris was asked about starting a clothing line or beauty line. According to the New York Post, Sally said Kris had "positioned [herself] as a woman to speak on the wellness needs of women of a certain age."

Kris answered, "Menopause is a b----. Let me start with that."

She then added, "I would love to do something in the near future. I really am thinking about it."

Chelsea Lauren/REX/Shutterstock

Kris' desire to get involved in fashion came from her 84-year-old mother, Mary Jo. The reality TV star said Mary Joe "will never walk out of the house not done from head to toe."

"She taught me to put your best foot forward, always look your best," Kris explained. "I just want to pass that down to women everywhere and remind everybody that we're here because fashion is exciting and it's fresh and fun. … I have a better day if I feel like I'm looking my best and trying to feel my best from the inside out."