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When Lindsay Lohan opened her eponymous nightclub in Greece last month, she opened her mouth to speak to press about the venture and unleashed a brand new, unidentifiable accent.

She used the seeming mix of Russian-British-Turkish-with-a-dose-of-Long-Island accent to explain how she plans to expand the club to a business that also incorporates spas and refugee camps (because of course). But most of the outlets that published the clip of her chatting with reporters had trouble focusing on what she was actually saying, since her accent was so bizarre.

This week, the Daily Mail checked in with Lindsay -- who's been living in Europe in recent years and meeting with Syrian refugees in recent weeks -- about why her way of speaking has changed so dramatically.

At first, she said she didn't know the answer, tossing off a French "je ne sais pas" before giving the Mail some more background.

"It's a mixture of most of the languages I can understand or am trying to learn," said the 30-year-old. "I've been learning different languages since I was a child. I'm fluent in English and French can understand Russian and am learning Turkish, Italian and Arabic."

Asked if she was shocked by the reaction to her new accent, Lindsay, woman of the world, said, "Nothing really shocks me these days," adding, "I moved to London four years ago and the taxes seem to be getting higher," as an example.

In the video clip that initially sparked confusion about her accent, the actress explained how she ended up developing the idea for the nightclub with her business partner and rumored boyfriend, Dennis Papageorgi, terms that implied LOHAN nightclub could be an antidote to issues society is currently facing such as the crisis in Syria and Turkey. She also assured reporters she isn't dating the Greek restauranteur, whom she was spotted kissing the day before the club opened.

"My first time coming to Athens with Dennis, my friend and that's all he is my friend and business partner. But his mother became a very close person to me and his sister as well," Lindsay said. She went on to recall how she leaned on Dennis and his relatives following her split from Egor Tarabasov, whom she claimed tried to kill her this summer

"When I went through hardships with my ex I really found good family in these people from Greece," Lindsay said. "Just as I did in Turkey with refugees. So where people are scared of refugees and everything in the world, there's a minimum, there's a line of where we can make happiness and shine a light in every situation that is bad and make it good."

For Lindsay, that line is apparently drawn in a hopping bar scene rather than sand.

"Whereas in the past I've been associated with nightclubs and clubbing, I said, 'Why not do my own and make it a good place?'" Lindsay recalled. "Where there's bad things happening in the world we can focus on the bad things and fix them with the club. We can create charity with the club."

As for her strange new dialect, Lindsay later tweeted at the Mail with this suggestion:

"@DailyMailUK what should I call me new accent? I'm thinking #LILLOHAN. We should let the people decide."