Lisa Marie Presley's ex is accusing her of hiding her assets in their bitter divorce case.

Michael Lockwood wants his ex to pay him $22,000 a month in spousal support, despite the couple's post-nuptial agreement. Lisa reportedly makes $4.2 million a year, mostly from a trust set up through her late father, Elvis Presley, whereas Michael has told the court he only has $435 in his bank account.


The Daily Mail reported that Michael's attorney Jeff Sturman told the Los Angeles Superior Court judge that Lisa provided a list of her assets and debts, but said it's "completely useless" because she has the words "value unknown" next to most the items. He said that for Lisa not to know the value of the items is "frankly false."

"This is somebody who is making a deliberate choice to fail to disclose," Michael's attorney told the court, according to The Mail. "What is in the trust? Is she holding $50 million there? We don't know. We don't know what she's worth because they won't give us any documents."

Lisa's lawyer said he sent a revised list of assets, but it was "ignored."


Lisa filed for divorce from Michael in June 2016, citing "irreconcilable differences." The former couple have twin 9-year-old daughters, Harper Vivienne Ann and Finley Aaron Love. They signed a post-nuptial agreement in 2007, indicating that neither party should have a claim on the other if they were to split. Michael, though, now claims he was coerced into signing it and wants it torn up.

Lisa's team said Michael's request for support shouldn't even be up for debate, considering the postnup.

"It's totally meaningless," her attorney said. "If the post-nuptial agreement is ruled valid, there is no spousal support."

A trial on the validity of the postnup is set for August 13, but the judge implored both sides to try to come to an agreement before then.


Last month, The Daily Mail published court documents filed by Michael in which he says he makes $20-$25 an hour working part time at two music stores in California. He said he is self-employed and brought in just $2,580 last month.

In the documents, he said his bank account tops out at $435 and, once his debts are paid, he says he has $15,000 in assets, which include guitars and other musical equipment. He detailed his monthly bills, which he says amount to about $3,000.

He also wants Lisa to pay his legal fees, claiming his divorce lawyer bills him $750 an hour.

He said he wants the judge to request his plea for spousal support so he could "enjoy a lifestyle that is closer to my marital standard of living...and it will be substantially above the subsistence standard of living at which I am currently living."