Lisa Marie Presley's estranged husband, Michael Lockwood, only has $435 in his bank account, but he's asking a judge to make his ex fork over nearly a quarter of a million dollars a year.


This may prove to be a tall task, as he and Lisa signed a post-nuptial agreement in 2007. Michael is asking a judge to tear up the agreement and make her dish out $263,000 annually.

The Daily Mail published Michael's newly filed court documents on Jan. 22. In the docs, Michael, a musician, says he makes $20-$25 an hour working part time at two music stores in California. He says he is self-employed and brought in just $2,580 last month. Lisa, meanwhile, earned nearly $4.2 million in 2016.

In the documents, he said his bank account tops out at $435 and, once his debts are paid, he says he has $15,000 in assets, which include guitars and other musical equipment. He detailed his monthly bills, which he says amount to about $3,000.

"I am also not including a value for the car that I purchased in November 2016 because I believe that I owe more for that car than it is worth," he said.

He also wants Elvis Presley's only daughter to pay his legal fees, claiming his divorce lawyer bills him $750 an hour.


Lisa filed for divorce from Michael in June 2016, citing "irreconcilable differences." The former couple have twin 9-year-old daughters, Harper Vivienne Ann and Finley Aaron Love.

Jun Sato / GC Images

In his newest filing, Michael detailed the amount of money he used to spend during his 10-year marriage, claiming to have spent about $64,000 a month. He feels that his new request of $21,925 a month is quite reasonable in light of that.

He claims the money will be used on on rent, which tallies $10,000 a month, and various other expenses. He also figured in a monthly vacation fund $1,500 for himself, or $18,000 a year.

If a judge were to approve his request in all aspects, he wrote that he could "enjoy a lifestyle that is closer to my marital standard of living...and it will be substantially above the subsistence standard of living at which I am currently living."

Lisa currently does not have to pay spousal support.