Louis Tomlinson's rise to fame was anything but comfortable.

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The 25-year-old singer rose to the upper echelon of fame during his run with One Direction, but he now admits that he didn't really know how to react to being on TV shows and on the cover of magazines all over the world.

"I've struggled with the concept of fame. It's hard for anyone to get your head around," he said in a Beats 1 Radio YouTube channel chat. "It was important to me to write a song that could humanize me as much as possible and that the fans can really feel I'm just like them, honest and vulnerable and real."

From the outside, it may have seemed like Louis had the world on a string, but he says that is far from the truth.

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Now, the father of Freddie, 1, is hoping that his new music will reveal the person he really is.

"It's very autobiographical and obviously about me," he said. "The fans have seen so much and got to know us so well, but I've never really had a chance to be as honest like that with music, so that was really refreshing."

He added, "The important thing to me was that, I've read a lot of press stories about myself and the press and everyone naturally puts this spin on fame and celebrity, and I kinda just wanted to show the other side of it."