Dancer Bryan Tanaka let the stage prop tilt...


During the launch of Carey's Las Vegas residency, titled "The Butterfly Returns," there was unfortunately a bit of a flutter onstage, causing the "Fantasy" singer to take a slight spill - yet amazingly her voice kept singing the track out into the Caesars Palace Colosseum.

As Mariah was singing song lyrics, she was helped onto a rolling platform by boyfriend Tanaka, however he didn't give her the support she needed and the box tipped. The microphone left her mouth during the incident however the track continued to play as if nothing had gone wrong.

[see the video here]

While this slip-up isn't nearly as sensational as the New Year's Eve debacle two years ago, it will most likely still resonate with fans as well as critics.

The show must go on and Mariah ensured that it did, shaking off the snafu and giving a reportedly great performance - however Bryan T. may be on timeout for a while.