Matthew McConaughey once saved his son from a charging ram during a vacation at the Grand Canyon.

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The actor told the crazy story to Jimmy Fallon on "The Tonight Show" while playing a game called "True Confessions."

"I, McConaughey, got charged by a mountain ram at the edge of the Grand Canyon and had to throw my 6-month-old child 15 feet through the air -- to my wife -- to save him," he said. "After I got rid of the dog I had to launch Levi though the air for my wife to catch so we didn't get rammed off the edge."

The incident happened while the family was having a picnic for Matthew's 40th birthday.

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Matthew said his dog was originally irritating the ram.

"I squared off and tried to go at Yoda as I could with this ram," he said. "He was kicking dirt and everything. He hops off and swings back around and over on the other side his harem was on the other side, so we were in between him and all his ladies, and he didn't want any other male scent on his mountain."

Levi is now 10 years old… perhaps thanks to his dad's quarterbacking skills.