Meghan Markle broke the royal rules for a real human and natural moment this week.

Royals are not allowed to hug members of the public, but Prince Harry's fiance did so with a charity worker without hesitation while visiting a homeless center in Scotland.

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"It was pretty lovely. I was so taken with her," Alice Thompson, co-founder of of the homeless charity Social Bite, told the Daily Mail of the moment. "I told her that as a woman in business who had lived in the shadow of my male business partner for several years due to my own insecurities about my own ability to compete or perform, I found her speech she made in 2015 to the UN inspirational and motivating and that it encouraged me to speak up a bit more and be a girl boss."

In that particular speech, Meghan spoke about female empowerment and feminism.

Meghan, Alice said, "seemed really touched and a tad emotional. She said that she was really nervous to give that speech and that it meant a lot to her that it had inspired me to continue going with something like Social Bite."

She continued, "At that point inside the shop she gave me a little cuddle, a little sideways squeeze. Then outside the shop I went to shake her hand and she nudged it out of the way and embraced me with a cuddle. It was definitely not out of the blue. It was a continuation of what happened inside."

Brian Anderson/REX/Shutterstock

As for what Harry and Meghan are really like, Alice said, "They are really lovely genuine people, which was really nice. It made the whole day very comfortable."