A little more than a month before she marries Prince Harry, Meghan Markle is taking steps to become a permanent citizen of the United Kingdom, and she's secretly back in America to start the process.

Tim Rooke/REX/Shutterstock

According to TMZ, a very low-profile Meghan entered the VFS Global UK Visa Application Centre in Chicago on April 12 in Chicago to finalize her application for a UK visa. She was flanked by four bodyguards.

Meghan, the site said, donned sunglasses and a White Sox hat in an attempt to blend in with the locals.

TMZ said Meghan paid about $1,500 "for premium processing" so that she can get her visa within a matter of days, rather than waiting for the usual process to play out. The process took about 10 minutes.

Tim Rooke/REX/Shutterstock

When filing for a visa, one must state the reason as to why you need it. In Meghan's case, she likely applied for a family visa, and applied as a partner or spouse. The visa, after it's granted, which is likely, requires her to marry or become a civil partner within six months of arriving in the United Kingdom. In this case, the world is aware than Meghan and Harry plan to marry on May 19.

After six months, Meghan will be able to apply for permanent citizenship, and Kensington Palace has already said she'll do that.