He's not going anywhere.

Despite recent headlines proclaiming that James Woods is retiring from acting -- claims sparked by his own realtor -- the star has spoken out to say not so fast.


"The reports of my retirement are greatly exaggerated..." he tweeted on Oct. 8.

The 70-year-old actor -- who's made headlines in recent months for both his conservative political views and online battles with other stars including Amber Tamblyn -- also gave an interview to the Washington Post to explain what happened.

And he basically said it was his own fault, the newspaper reported.

On Oct. 6, a real estate story was published in the Providence Journal that said the Oscar nominee was selling one of the four homes he owns in Rhode Island for $1.39 million. It was based on a release from the actor's realtor, Allen Gammons, and it was widely picked up.

James had met with his realtor over breakfast to go over the listing and marketing pitch, which the realtor wrote up to read, in part, "James Woods, veteran of nearly 150 movies and television shows, has announced today that his recent retirement from the entertainment field has prompted him to simplify his life."

It also said James was unloading property so he'd have "more time to travel and enjoy his many passions, which include photography, antiquing, golfing and Texas Hold-em poker."


As the Washington Post wrote, "The real estate agent read the draft to Woods over the phone before sending it out. The actor was driving at the time, and more interested in the photos."

"I was not paying attention," James admitted. "I somehow didn't hear 'retirement.'"

"My career is not going to end in a real estate announcement," he added, calling it all "just funny."