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The mistress at the center of Ozzy Osbourne's alleged affair actually wasn't really interested in the rocker… It was his wife she was after.

The New York Post is reporting that hairstylist Michelle Pugh had Sharon Osbourne in her crosshairs, but knew Ozzy was the best way to get to her.

"She wants to be Sharon," a source close to family told the newspaper's Page Six gossip section. "That's why she wanted Ozzy. She didn't really care about him."

It was never about love or even lust, the source said. It was about notoriety.

"She wanted everyone to know that she and Ozzy were together," the source said. "Ozzy will never talk to that woman again."

The alleged affair caused Sharon to briefly kick Ozzy out of their Los Angeles mansion. There was concern shortly after that Ozzy could fall back into old habits and turn to drugs or alcohol, although that didn't seem to happen.

There is also speculation that the whole thing could be a publicity stunt to promote Ozzfest.

He has still not commented on the allegation. His family, though, hasn't exactly been silent.

"I'm 63 years of age and I can't keep living like this … I'm not with him," Sharon said on the May 10 on "The Talk." "I just need time to really think about myself … what do I really want for the rest of my life?"

Daughter Kelly Osbourne was a little more blunt with her thoughts.

On May 23, Kelly tweeted out the phone number of the alleged mistress, along with an X-rated version of "for a good time, call …"

"Anyone looking for CHEAP chunky LOW-lights a blow out and …," the post began, before specifying a sex act and instructing readers to call Michelle, whose phone number reportedly followed.

The NSFW tweet was quickly blasted by Kelly's followers, one of whom slammed her for being a "bully." She rewarded that person with another profanity-laced tweet, even allegeding that the affair bordered on elder abuse, clearly giving her father a free ride for the alleged affair and pinning all the blame on the other party.

Last week it was reported that Ozzy ended the affair and wants to work things out with Sharon.