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Skylar Astin and Anna Camp's upcoming nuptials are going to be aca-awesome!

The "Pitch Perfect" pair, who announced their engagement on Instagram in January, will be joined by a few famous faces on their wedding day: "We have Ben Platt and Brittany Snow walking down the aisle as part of the wedding party," Skylar told on April 19 while promoting's 10th anniversary celebration with the Arbor Day Foundation.

Ben portrays illusionist and a capella super-fan Benji Applebaum, the roommate of Skylar's Jesse Swanson, in the "Pitch Perfect" franchise, while Brittany Snow stars as Chloe Beale, who co-leads the Barden Bellas with Anna's Aubrey Posen.

With all that talent on hand, you'd expect the music on Skylar and Anna's big day to be especially epic, but apparently the 28-year-old actor and his bride-to-be are going to the traditional route.

"I don't know if we're gonna have performers," he told us. "We have a band that's gonna do Motown [hits] -- that really great dance music, and we have a DJ who's going to play the Top 40 hits."

"It's just gonna be a harmonious day," he added.

Especially if the groom decides to serenade his sweetheart after he makes her his wife -- a possibility that Skylar hasn't completely ruled out.

"I don't want to commit to that at this point because I don't know -- it might happen," he said. "Maybe! We'll see."

Even without any A-list performances, the wedding is shaping up to be quite the bash.

"This is like the ultimate party," says the groom-to-be. "It's like a huge life event, and we don't want it to end, so we're savoring the moment and there's no stress. It's been really wonderful."

No stress? That's right! According to Skylar, the wedding planning process has been a breeze thus far.

"We made a joke that [Anna's] a bride-chilla," he said of his fiance. "And I guess that would make me a groom-chilla because really we're taking [wedding planning] in stride. We got on it right away, and it's just been a slow, steady process. We're rocking and rolling."

And, trust us, the "Ground Floor" alum is well aware of how envy-inducing those comments are.

"I know people probably hate me because I know so many people who have said, 'Oh my God, [wedding planning] was so stressful,'" he says. "But we just don't understand the idea of stressing out for so many months and putting all this pressure on ourselves in order to have the best day of our lives on one day."

"Why not have those months be just as enjoyable as the actual day itself," he adds. "We're putting our hearts and souls into it, so we know the day is going to be the best -- and there is no pressure on that. We don't feel that because we're just really on the same page."

It's a good thing the co-star couple is on the same page because unlike most grooms, Skylar is extremely involved in the wedding planning process.

"I'm involved in everything," he says. "There's nothing we don't do together."

He even helped out in March when Anna teamed up with Wedding Paper Divas to design three inspiration boards for their nuptials.

"I was involved in the conversations before, after and during," he says. "I was there behind [the scenes] that day. I was just wearing a baseball hat and wasn't in the pictures, but I was there being the fiance."

"I really enjoy wedding planning because I'm doing it with my best friend," he concludes.

Wow, Anna Camp clearly hit the jackpot with this guy! Aca-awesome, indeed.