Right before the world's eyes, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are experiencing some very true love, and are preparing to take that proverbial walk down the aisle. However there is one unavoidable truth that comes with marriage - and Harry's father, Prince Charles, knows as much as anyone, that sometimes best laid plans go awry, and then there's the money.

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TMZ is reporting that they have the 411 on the money situation between Harry and Meghan, and what each might get if things don't go as planned.

Prince Harry is reportedly worth $40 million. He receives an income, as well as do brother William and his wife Kate, from Charles' estate, which, according to TMZ, generates about $27 million annually. Harry, William and Kate split $4.4 million from this estate in 2016.

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Now Meghan, she reportedly walks into the marriage with $5 million.

TMZ spoke with international divorce attorney Jeremy D. Morley, who confirmed that England does indeed recognize prenuptial agreements, but while they can influence a judge they are not binding. Moreover, Charles and William did not sign prenups.

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Here is the kicker, in regards to splitting up the assets in the unfortunate event of divorce, it's not only what each made during the course of marriage, but also what was brought into the marriage can be split up amongst the pair, as well. That said, Harry's $40 million mixes in with Meghan's $5 million and gets divided up how a judge sees fit in the event of a divorce.

TMZ's sources tells them that Charles was ordered to pay Diana about $23 million when they divorced back in 1996 and it nearly wiped him out.

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With the way Harry and Meghan have been doting over one another this is likely just a cautionary tale - not to mention if there are kids involved someday - hopefully they live the fairy tale Royal dream ever after.