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Prince's cause of death is still a bit of a mystery, but authorities are zeroing in on the pharmacy that the singer often used, hoping that it could provide some clues.

Authorities served a search warrant on a Walgreens near Paisley Park, where the singer lived. There are multiple reports that Prince frequented the drug store and made four runs there on the week that he died.

TMZ has reported that authorities are really interested in the singer's medical records, specifically in his potential intake of Percocet, which it reports he overdosed on just a few days prior to his death. They're also looking for other prescriptions in Prince's name or identifiable aliases.

Investigators are also looking for other pharmacies that Prince may have used, as well as doctors who perhaps prescribed him medication.

In the week after his death, many credible media outlets have floated the idea that Prince died on April 21 perhaps from an overdose.

TMZ, who broke the news of Prince's death, said on April 29 that the iconic singer was able to get his supply of prescription drugs from more than one doctor, and at least one of them was a "personal friend."

If he was addicted to prescription painkillers, as some believe, it's all too likely that he doctor shopped and had more than one medical professional prescribing him pills. Percocet and similar painkillers are a controlled substance, and a single doctor who prescribes an excessive number of pills will be flagged by state and federal authorities.

Prince's estate is also a giant unknown, since he had no will. On Wednesday, however, a judge officially appointed a bank that Prince trusted to manage his assets. His estate will be split between his brothers and sisters. It's believed that there are six heirs, his sister Tyka Nelson and five half-siblings.

Apparently, there's already a money squabble, as well. TMZ reported that the heirs had their first meeting about the finances on Thursday and Tyka stormed out of the room.

"Tyka thinks she's entitled to more than them when it comes time to divide Prince's assets," the website said, stating that Minnesota law says that all siblings share equally, no matter whether they are full of half.