Prince Jackson may need a tattoo touch up fast!

Michael Jackson's son got a massive tattoo on his chest that contains a line from Welsh poet Dylan Thomas' most famous poem, "Do Not Go Gentle into That Good Night." But, it appears as though there could have been an inking error.

It seems that the line on Prince's skin is supposed to read, "Rage, rage against the dying of the light." But it appears that "against" is misspelled. Whether this was intentional isn't known.

Me and @dermagraphink put 4.5 hrs today almost done but looking great

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While unveiling the nearly finished product, Prince said the tattoo was "looking great."

MJ's son documented the tattoo process on social media, first showing the outline of the eventual tattoo.

Starting the live stream for a little around 3

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Shortly after, he then showed a video of the work being done at Timeless Tattoo parlor in Hollywood.


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"8hrs today and still goin...💉💉💉😳😳😳," he captioned a detailed tattoo on his left shoulder.

8hrs today and still goin...💉💉💉😳😳😳

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Prince's tattoo artist, Justin Lewis, also shared several videos of the ink.

"Dragon armor on my buddy @princejackson one heck of a champ 9 hour session. #parisjackson #jackson #MichaelJackson #MichaelJacksonjr #inksaddle #inkmachines #timelesstattoola," he wrote.

Over the last year, Prince has actually been getting inked up quite frequently. In April 2016, Prince got some Egyptian-inspired ink on his back. Justin, who did the ink then as well, revealed that it took four hours to tat Anubis, the god of Egypt's underworld, on 19-year-old Prince's shoulder blade.

Based on his Instagram, he's also gotten another piece on his back, as well.

#inked 💉

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