Many Spice Girls fans are feeling more salty than spicy right now!

Fans of the girl power group were frustrated and furious on Saturday after Ticketmaster crashed just minutes into the arena tour sale.

PA Images via Getty Images

Earlier in the week, Spice Girls fans were sent into a tizzy when the group announced that it was embarking on a eight-date reunion tour, sans Victoria Beckham. However, when many fans tried to buy tickets for the in-demand shows, many were kicked out, or the site crashed and redirected them.

"Something's gone wrong," the website told many fans. An English media outlet said it was in the process of getting two tickets, but the tickets suddenly disappeared from its online shopping cart. A message then read, "It's not you, it's us."


One fan tweeted: "You would of thought in this day and age with a company as big as ticketmaster with all their knowledge of people buying tickets and gigs selling out they would be able to handle a Spice Girls ticket sale."

While many were obviously frustrated with the buying process, others poked fun at the technological glitch and joked that Victoria was the mastermind behind it all. In fact, a meme began making the rounds on social media showing Victoria on a computer.

"Prime Suspect REVEALED in hunt to find who crashed Ticketmaster during the Spice Girls sale:," the meme said.

Fans noted that tickets on the secondary markets are going for upwards of $1,200.