In a post on Twitter, actor Terry Crews explains how he has respect for others' silence with regard to agent Adam Venit, and not also coming forward with their experiences.


"I respect and understand why many of Adam Venit's @WME clients remain silent, just like many victims do. There is so much to lose. I will not be shamed— but I also will not shame anyone else," the Brooklyn-Nine-Nine actor tweeted out Saturday.

He then added, "This movement needs leaders, not martyrs."

The movie star's comments were in response to a fellow Twitter user who posted a link from a BET article, highlighting how many of the actor's colleagues have decided to stay silent about Crews' allegation, according to People.

Venit has not responded to People's request for a comment.

Back in October, as the Weinstein allegations were piling up, Crews had come forward stating that in 2016, a "high level Hollywood executive" had "groped my privates" at a party.

Crews explained that he spent the rest of the night and next day talking to everyone he knew that worked with said executive.

Jim Smeal / BEI / Shutterstock / Rex USA

Yet, despite the man behind the alleged assault had contacted Crews and apologized, the actor admitted at the time, "decided not 2 take it further becuz I didn't want 2b ostracized— par 4 the course when the predator has power n influence. I let it go. And I understand why many women who this happens to let it go."

When Crews decided to file a report with the LAPD last month, he named his alleged assaulter as Venit, who had reportedly gone on leave from talent agency William Morris Entertainment that same month. WME has since confirmed to ABC that the agent "has been suspended following the internal investigation into the matter."

After serving a one-month unpaid suspension, Venit has returned back to work, according The Hollywood Reporter.

Later Crews tweeted in response THR news: "SOMEONE GOT A PASS."

Crews turned it up one more notch by tweeting a copy of a letter from 2006 written by WME co-CEO Ari Emanuel printed in the Huffington Post calling for a blacklisting of Mel Gibson following anti-Semitic remarks, but swapping out Mel's name for Adam's and anti-Semitic for sexual assault.

"Copy of the actual @HuffPost letter I gave @AriEmanuel in which he DEMANDED Mel Gibson be blacklisted for anti-Semitic remarks. I exchanged Adam Venit for Mel, and sexual assault for anti-Semitic. [Emmanuel] said 'it's different' and handed the letter back to me," Crews posted on Twitter.