"Butterfly Effect" rapper Travis Scott is kind of addressing the Kylie Jenner pregnancy rumors…kind of.

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Since September, things have been going and going as the rumor mill churns and churns out pregnancy rumors that "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" star Jenner is expecting her first child with Scott. Although Kylie, 20, and Travis, 25, have yet to confirm the baby news, he decided to let a little out in a recent interview with "Billboard."

Scott was asked by the magazine if he has himself spoken to his own father about becoming a dad, to which he coyly replied, "Uh... for what?" And, when his current relationship with Jenner and those baby rumors were brought up, Scott again got, well, cryptic, saying, "I don't want to talk about that. They're just guesses. Let them keep fishing."

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Things shifted gears when Travis was then asked to talk about Kyle's big sister Kim Kardashian-West's husband, Kanye West. The publication asked Scott if Kanye has taught him anything about dating someone who is in the public eye/is a fellow celebrity. "Nah. I haven't seen him deal with that. I just stay to myself," Scott humbly replied.

However, the "Antidote" singer did admit that Kanye has showed him a bit about dealing with the media, laughing, Travis jokingly replied, "[expletive], just don't hit nobody, man." He then spoke of a possible collaboration with West on his next album, explaining that he played him some tracks, before adding, "We're always talking. We're always working on [expletive]. I see him every day," he said.

The romance rumors between the makeup mogul and hip-hop star kicked off last April after the two were seen together at a Houston Rockets game, as well at a mall. Kylie and Travis were again spotted in his hometown of Houston just one month after the baby rumors started in September.

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While the pair like to keep the budding romance and possible parenthood private, Travis was spotted at Kyle's mom Kris Jenner's Christmas Eve party last month.

As much as the press has tried to get any real confirmation of Kylie and Travis' alleged baby, not even talk show master Ellen DeGeneres could get anything solid, as she grilled Khloe Kardashian about it on her show earlier in the week, but again, more of the same dodging.