Are we totally sure that Tyler Perry isn't Santa Claus?

The famed actor and filmmaker flexed his generosity and his wallet on Thursday, dropping over $400,000 at two Atlanta-area Walmart's to cover the cost of all outstanding layaway items.

Erik Pendzich/REX/Shutterstock

TMZ said Tyler wrote a check for $178,000 to one Atlanta store, and another for $256,000 at a Douglasville, Georgia, store. If someone at those stores had an item on layaway before 9:30 AM, Tyler footed almost the entire bill… customers would only have to pay a penny to pick up the items.

Tyler claimed he didn't want notoriety for the gesture and actually wanted to do it anonymously, but he fessed up to it on Twitter on Dec. 6 after word began spreading that he was the mystery man with deep pockets.

"You all know how nothing stays secret these days," he said. "I have paid for all of your layaways for Christmas, so Merry Christmas to everybody."

As for why he decided to do the random act of kindness, he said, "I know it's hard times and a lot of people are struggling and I'm just really, really grateful to be in a position to do this, so God bless you."

He ended his video by telling the Walmart customers, "Go get your stuff!"

Tyler is reportedly worth $600 million, so he can afford it. Still though, regardless of his wealth, it's a very cool gesture.