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Belle from "Beauty and the Beast" has an elaborate wardrobe and one that many women would love to have. For Emma Watson, who plays the iconic character in the latest rendition of the classic film, she had her eye on an accessory more than anything else.

In fact, she took that very accessory home with her.

"We designed for Belle this ring that would sit on her little finger. The costume designer saw that I had one which my mom had given to me and she was like, 'Can I design one for Belle?,' because Bell's mother dies when she's really young," Emma told Buzzfeed about the ring that was imitated to look like the one she already owned.

She added, "I was really proud of the ring and thought it was so beautiful, that I asked if I could keep one, and they said I could."

And, for those wondering, the actress said, "My mom is still alive and healthy and well, just as a side note."

As for her character, Emma says she's only tinkered with Belle and wanted to stay true to the original story. One thing you never see, though, is what happens after Belle and Beast's wedding. But, Emma has an idea of what she thinks happens.

"In my imagining, she opens the library thats in the castle and she turns it into a school and a public library, which she runs," Emma said.

What happened at the end of filming was a bit different.

"When we completed the final dance at the end of the movie, I had the sound guys play 'Happy' and Kevin Kline [who plays Belle's father] started doing the conga and, like, everyone joined in. It was the most surreal thing I've ever seen, everyone in costume in the 'Beauty and the Beast' ballroom doing the conga."