She may have a hit television franchise on her hands, but summer 2016 was no "Taradise" for Tara Reid.

Throughout the summer, the "American Pie" alum -- who's recently raised eyebrows with her super-skinny appearance -- was depicted engaging in a wide range of bizarre and erratic behaviors while starring on "Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars." To make matters worse, she made headlines in July for storming out of an interview with Jenny McCarthy while promoting her Syfy made-for-TV movie "Sharknado: The 4th Awakens" on the latter's SiriusXM radio show -- Tara left the interview after Jenny began questioning her about her history with plastic surgery and stint on the WE tv reality show.

(The 40-year-old actress became the breakout star of the show thanks to her tendency to bring the drama while seemingly intoxicated -- she frequently fought with her co-stars and prompted almost all of them to call her crazy at one point or another during the season.)

But there's more to Tara than "Marriage Boot Camp" would have you believe, says the blond actress' "Sharknado" franchise co-star Ian Ziering.

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"Tara works very hard," the erstwhile Steve Sanders told while promoting his partnership with GoodNites family products. "She comes to set and she's very professional. She, like the rest of us, has an ore in the water and she pulls with all her might."

"I haven't seen this reality show … but like most reality shows, it's more assisted reality than documentary, so I take it for what it's worth," he added. "If it's entertaining in any way, then it's probably more manufactured than real."

In actuality, Tara had a large part in manufacturing her narrative on the series, which chronicles five celebrity couples as they attempt to work through problems in their relationships: She and partner Dean May revealed in the season's penultimate episode that they were not in fact romantically involved. On the contrary, the longtime pals pretended to be an item so that they could appear on the show together.

("He owes money in taxes, and he could use the money, and he wouldn't mind the fame, so I wound up doing the show for him so he could get out of trouble," the actress said during a confessional. But during the Aug. 12 season finale, Dean contradicted his pal, saying that he "did the show as a favor to her.")

Ultimately, the duo were booted from the series for lying about their relationship, which seemed irrevocably damaged by the conclusion of the show -- "I just want to get as far away from you as possible," Dean told Tara moments before they were evicted.

It's certainly possible that the former "Big Lebowski" actress is the victim of editing and that the version of her the world watched on "Marriage Boot Camp" was more "assisted reality" than documentary, but one thing is clear: The blond beauty has not been spending time with Dean -- once a mainstay on his pal's Instagram page -- of late. (The last photo of them together is from February 2016.)

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If things truly are going poorly for Tara in her personal life, at least she can take some comfort in the tremendous success of the "Sharknado" franchise.

"There was such a groundswell of anticipation not just here in the United States but all over the world with this movie, and it delivered," Ian told

"It delivered to everyone but the critics," he continued. "It's so funny -- critics look at this movie and say, 'Oh, it's terrible, but that kind of works in our favor. The critics don't really know how to critique this movie because it's not a traditional movie. They have to understand we've created an entirely new genre -- a fun genre where everyone's in on the joke except the actors and the critics."

"But when I see pictures of parties of people getting together, bringing families together, little boys sitting with their grandfathers wearing 'Sharknado' shirts watching the movie, I'm like, 'This is a successful movie!'" added the actor, who is completely on board for more installments in the franchise.

"I have so much fun playing Fin Shepard," he said. "It's kind of a dream job. You really only work for 15 days on this movie. It's not like it takes me out of consideration for much. It's two weeks.

Concluded Ian, "So, yeah, how many 'Fast and Furious' movies will Vin Diesel do? How many 'Mission Impossible' movies will Tom Cruise do? As long as the fans want it and I'm able, I absolutely will be part of the project -- provided I don't get my legs chewed off by a shark."

In that case, keep 'em coming, guys!

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