It's the TV plot everyone is talking about -- "Glee"'s bad boy Puck wooing voluptuous and spunky Lauren -- and now actress Ashley Fink is discussing the storyline with our Mary Hart.

"I want to know who decided size [matters]," Ashley tells Mary. "I think it's so much more about the person than it is about the outside. … People fall in love with people."

Ashley says persistence paid off for her when pursuing her acting career: "If you're overweight, if you're 'other,' people will try to stop you. … I was always just really resilient and I wouldn't let people tell me no."

In fact, Ashley tells ET, "Lauren wasn't necessarily written to be overweight. I went in and they liked me."

Regardless, she says she feels "so honored to be representing for the big girls" and shares the advice, "Don't give anyone else the satisfaction of taking anything away from you that you love."

When it comes to her storyline with Puck, Ashley says, "We're both total badasses … and there's something so sweet about us together, which is something I didn't necessarily expect."

She says she loved filming the kissing scene with Mark Salling: "It was hilarious, we were laughing the entire time. I thought it was funny that she was the aggressor and he was the lamb."

Does Ashley have a love interest in real life? She tells Mary with a twinkle in her eye that she's "single and available." But she adds, "I'm married to 'Glee' right now."

She also shares some exciting news with Mary - she's most likely going to be joining the "Glee" tour this summer! "I freaked out, yeah it's exciting," she says.

And she also shares her dream "Glee" guest star: "I would love to see Roseanne on the show, playing like, my mom or something. … Roseanne was a funny woman when that wasn't popular and she took no prisoners. … She was a really big inspiration for me."

Watch our video for more with Ashley. "Glee" airs Tuesday nights on FOX.

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