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Rest easy, everyone. True love remains alive and well. OK, maybe not well, but it's still alive for Jesse James and Kat Von D, who switched into damage control mode after reports surfaced this week that they had called time on their tattoo-laden relationship.

"That is absolutely not true," the fidelity-challenged former Mr. Sanda Bullock grumbles to People. "We're still going strong. Things are completely good with us."

Von D also dismisses the breakup talk, insisting, "That's the furthest thing from the truth."

To drive the nothing-to-see-here point home, Jesse, 42, reveals to the mag that the pair's five-month engagement is humming along, and they plan to get hitched this summer on the one-year anniversary of the day their romance began.

(No word on whether his wedding vows will include a line about how he thinks Kat is "100 percent" better in bed than his A-list ex.)

"That day can't come soon enough!" James says of his fourth trip down the aisle. "Everything is on track. I am absolutely more in love today than I was a year ago. She's the one for me."

This week, Life & Style claimed that Jesse and Kat had suffered a setback in their relationship.

"He says there's too much drama for him," alleged a pal.

Jesse responded to the report in typical fashion (no, he didn't have a liaison with a stripper in Nazi gear or blame Sandra for his many issues): He tweeted about it.

"I like that all the piece of s--- tabloids are now following me on Twitter," he wrote on Thursday. "I'm pretty sure it's just so I can tell them to [verb that rhymes with 'ick'] my [a part of his anatomy that rhymes with 'falls']."


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