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Andrew H. Walker / Getty Images North America 1 / 12

In a recent Esquire profile, Bruce Willis shared some of the parental advice he's imparted to his three daughters with Demi Moore. Among his words of wisdom: "Take responsibility for when you are wrong."

And the New York Daily News says that's what middle daughter Scout did -- eventually -- when nabbed for underage drinking on Monday night in Manhattan's Union Square.

The 20-year-old Brown University student was allegedly downing a beer when an officer approached and started questioning her. She produced an ID with the name Katherine Kelly.

The suspicious cop asked more questions, and Willis soon came clean and offered her actual California ID.

"My name is Scout Willis," she's quoted as saying in the criminal complaint. "The first ID isn't mine. My friend gave it to me. I don't know Katherine Kelly."

The paper says she was charged with violating the open container law and criminal impersonation, which are both misdemeanors. She was released without bail on Tuesday and is due back in court on July 31.


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