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It looks like Prince Harry's summer fling has been flung. The London Daily Mirror says the royal rapscallion, 26, has pulled the plug on his rumored romance with blue-blooded undies model Florence "Flee" Brudenell-Bruce, 25.

"Harry has a lot on his mind at the moment. He is concentrating on his Apache helicopter training. After that, he's expecting to return to Afghanistan," explains a source. "Harry enjoyed spending time with friends over the summer, but he doesn't want to be tied down in a relationship when training, so he called time on Flee."

Adds an insider to People, "He is so focused on the army and seems intent of going back to the war zone."

Breakup whispers began earlier this month when Prince Harry was Flee-less for a getaway to Majorca with pals. While there, he was seen in proximity to a few bikini-sporting hotties.

Brudenell-Bruce stayed put in London, and a hoped-for rendezvous with the ginger-topped spare heir in Ibiza never happened.

The pair were first linked in early June, after Harry's on-off romance with Chelsy Davy once again hit the skids.

"She is a lot of fun, blonde and very good-looking," a spy said at the time. "Harry really likes her."

Within weeks, Flee was supposedly telling pals, "I think I might be in love!"

But for now, it seems the prince's first and only love is flying. He'll reportedly spend the next several months completing his helicopter training in Arizona.


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